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1. Keep pushing and adjusting While most people probably would’ve stopped after their 20th, 80th or 100th rejection, you just need to keep pushing, no matter how uncomfortable it will be.
2. Show up and help others If you’re experiencing hard times, just keep showing up and adding value. Over-deliver in every relationship — business or personal — until you focus more on what’s ahead, rather than behind you.
3. Focus on what you can control Focus on something you can do or fix, no matter how small. Break down tasks into manageable pieces, and complete them one by one. Then take time to appreciate each accomplishment along the way.
4. Have faith and act No matter what life throws at you, it is an incredible opportunity to grow. It comes down to how you perceive your challenges — and what you do about them. Keep a positive mindset, and reframe challenges into your greatest gifts.
5. Find others who encourage you Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and enrich your life. Your surroundings decide what you will become in the future.
6. You can handle more than you think You just have to look for them rather than play the victim. It also reminded me that life is finite. So, make the most of it and stop sweating the small stuff.
7. Don’t make failure an option There is no substitute for mindset, work ethic, and discipline. If you keep failure an option, it is more likely that you will face failure in your life. Failure MUST never be an option.
8. Accept responsibility You need to accept the work you have to do. The one who will run from his responsibilities will surely fail in life.
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