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Trevor Selentino

Nov 25
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While there are some interesting deep-dives into the hidden occult and pedophile imagery in #Balencia photoshoots, some of the symbols appear like nonsense to average viewers. Here are some of the more in-your-face symbols that even ordinary people can grasp. #BalenciagaGroomers

Observe the color scheme in the photo shoot - pink and purple. That would just be normal child-like colors, if not for this known pedophile symbol which represents "Little Girl Lover".
Enlarged for clarity. Observe the hole in the bear's forehead. This has numerous connotations. The initial thought would be "third-eye", but it's beyond that. In occult circles it would be more about transitory nature, which I'll explain more in the next tweet + different bear.
From a different photo shoot, notice the bear's nose. It appears like a smaller face. This symbolizes "a bear within a bear", or occultic transcendence. The "small bear" is looking out from within the "big bear", which symbolizes ritualistic possession.
Much of this will go over the head of people that don't study much occult theory. But the hole in the bear's head in the first photoshoot, and the bear-face-nose in the 2nd photoshoot, are about ego + alter-ego. Transitioning between the "false self" and the "God self".
This is Rachel Chandler, who does model casting for #Balenciaga. Her bruised face is creepy enough, and the color chart on her jacket has meaning as well. True, it normally represents energy efficiency, but it has an entirely different meaning in this context.
RE: Color stripes. The "hanky code" is diff. sexual acts represented by colored handkerchiefs. This system was developed by gay men in the 1970s, and is a bit of "true meaning" behind the LGBT flag. Don't be offended LGBT people, just pointing out how elite pedos coopt symbols
Now with the handkerchief code in mode (…), compare the color meanings to the color themes in the #Balenciaga photos.
More pedo symbols in the #Balenciaga photos. A "heart within a heart" is a symbol for little girl love.
Trevor Selentino

Trevor Selentino

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