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Shailja Dwivedi

Nov 25
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7 Notion templates that don’t cost you anything but save you 100s of hours of your time (Instant Bookmark) :

1. 100 Notion resources by @Mudit B 🧲 What you gain : Notion Widgets Awesome Chrome Extensions Website builders for notion and lot more
2. Time OS by @Ignacio Velásquez 🦆 | Notion Creator What you gain : Analyse your day, week, month, year Find where you’re wasting time And take control over it…
3. Swipe files by @Chris What you gain : Youtube OS Copywriting resources $100M offer summary
4. 21+ Pricing Psychology strategies, tactics by @Barsee 🚀
5. Notion Pack by @Omkar Birje What you gain : Notion resources, communities, marketplaces to sell and a lot more (has a cost, though)…
6. Notion Widgets by @Neon What you gain : Measure, track & take control of your time. Shoots productivity too. I personally love stopwatch.
7. SaaS Landing page swipe file What you gain : Use this database for inspiration on your own SaaS landing page…
8. Writing learning Hub & Toolkit by @Shailja Dwivedi What you gain : Learn writing & copywriting from scratch 200+ Resources & Tools included
9. Bonus Marketing Essentials by yours truly What you gain : Learn Marketing the simplest way ✅ $800 Worth bonuses (for free) ✅ Grow your impressions ✅ Grow your Sales
And that's a wrap! Crafted with love by Shailja Retweet the first tweet if you liked it And follow @Shailja Dwivedi for more such contents Ps - I'm writing this after using them for quite a while, so don't think its sponsored, because it's not.
Shailja Dwivedi

Shailja Dwivedi

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