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Nov 25
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Let me repeat to young single ladies and especially African ladies living in Africa. If you are dating a man that believes in either 50:50 or 70:30, you need to watch it. Every African man (at least), should have it at the back of his mind that he's going to be a full provider

for his family. But never discourage your wife from earning her own money if you think you can trust her judgment & if you trust her enough to not abandon her roles significantly, while at it. I've said many times that men should take their eyes off their women's money & plan
with their own money. Your woman's money is not for recurring expenses. It's for emergencies & future major projects. And those projects must have her interest at heart. Now to the lady that sent this DM. While I agree with your submission, I would like to know how you
actually said it to him? The tone & words you used actually matter. You may have said it in a way that he felt "so if I run into trouble, this woman will not be there for me?" Or you actually used the right tone or words but he meant what he was saying. So just do a mental
check on it & you can know if you said things the right way. The reason I discourage women from falling into this trap is because we have seen many cases of complacency & entitlement coming from a lot of men in this regards. If you start by telling him that you'll be
responsible for certain bills in the home, the tendency for him to keep expecting you to do it will be there. And then the tendency for you, as his wife to want to challenge his decisions at home will also be there. And by the time you start to challenge him, he will be feeling
disrespected even though he brought it upon himself. So make sure you don't fall for it & it will go a long way to avoid future problems. To the lady, let your man know that even if you don't work and earn a dime, you're not a liability as long as you're playing your own roles.
If he thinks you're a liability, both of you should switch roles for one month and let's see what the result will be. That being said, I also need to warn ladies on how they implement this teaching. If you use it the wrong way it may backfire on you. You need to appreciate
the reality that for men, we go through a lot trying to fend for our families. So any little help you feel you can render, please do. He will appreciate it & he will reward you abundantly when the time comes. Don't go and say John Doe said we should not give our husbands
money. I'm only trying to caution you on how you enable your men to become too comfortable in allowing you do the things he's supposed to naturally do. Wait for your moments to shine ladies. When you see the opportunity to surprise your man, use it & watch him praise you. End.
John Doe

John Doe

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