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⭐ Broken Authentication And Session Management. #bugbounty #Infosec Step by Step Explanation See 🧵:

📌Old Session Does Not Expire After Password Change : Steps🖼 :👇
📌Session Hijacking (Intended Behavior) #bugbounty #infosec Impact: If attacker get cookies of victim it will leads to account takeover. Steps :👇
📌Password reset token does not expire (Insecure Configurability) #bugbounty #infosec Steps :👇
📌Server security misconfiguration -> Lack of security headers -> Cache control for a security page #bugbounty #infosec Steps :👇
📌Broken Authentication To Email Verification Bypass (P4) : #bugbounty #infosec category : P4 >> Broken Authentication and Session Management >> Failure to Invalidate Session >> On Password Reset and/or Change Steps :👇
📌Email Verification Bypass (P3/P4) #bugbounty #infosec Impact : Email Verification Bypass Steps :👇
📌Old Password Reset Token Not Expiring Upon Requesting New One (Sometimes P4) : #bugbounty #Infosec Note:- Some Companies Won't Accept it As Valid Issue. Steps :👇
📌Password Reset Token Not Expiring After Password Change (P4): #bugbounty #infosec Steps :👇
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