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Sean Hogue

Sean Hogue

Nov 25, 2022
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Over 500M Apple users have upgraded to iOS 16. But they are missing out on the most exciting new feature for creators; Hybrid Typing. Here's 10 tips that you'll wish you knew sooner (I promise):

When the keyboard appears on your iPhone you’ll see a microphone in the bottom right. That’s the dictation button. Press it to turn on the mic to can use voice to text. Speak your words.
Don’t see it? Do this: 1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. 2. Turn on Enable Dictation There are a bunch of other customizations available. Take a minute to check them out.
Early versions of dictation were clunky. You’d have to speak your punctuation. - “Comma” = , - “Period” = . - “Question mark” = ? And everyone’s favorite, “New Line” *pause* “New Line”… …would get you down here.
Now with iOS 16 when you use the dictation function the keyboard stays open. So you can talk and type. At. The. Same. Time. Hybrid Typing has arrived, and it’s amazing.
🔸Talk + Type Old way: “At period the period same period time period”. New way: “At” . “The” . “Same” . “Time” .
🔸Fast Do Overs Stumbled over a word? Use the delete button to quickly erase it and keep going.
🔸Easy Lists - Quickly - Add - A - Bullet - List And a quick double-tap of the Return key to start a new paragraph is heaven.
🔸Numbers and Symbols With Ease This used to mean switching back and forth between menus. Now just speak and type at the same time! It’s 1,000% better, will 10x your efforts, make you $1,000’s more @ work, & 2*(10^16) your results. Easy.
🔸Speak Emojis! “Mind blown emoji” 🤯 (Or tap the smiley face in the lower left, add your emoji of choiin the lower left, add your emoji of choice using touch, and continue speaking without skipping a beat.)
🔸Auto- Insert Punctuation. This one works pretty good. But to be PERFECT this should be linked to the amount of time you pause while speaking. (You listening @Apple ?) You can turn this off by going to Settings > General > Keyboard, then turning off Auto-Punctuation.
🔸Select and Replace Text Highlight the text you want to replace. Double-tap for a single word. Triple-tap to select the whole paragraph. Turn on dictation. Speak the replacement.
Go from: “It is nice outside” To “It is really stupendously amazing outside” Without having to do all that pesky typing.
🔸Caps Lock and Capitals Sometimes you want to capitalize words for Extra Emphasis. Tap the ⬆️ key while talking to quickly do that. And sometimes you REALLY want to emphasize a word! ⬆️ ⬆️ will make it happen.
🔸Advanced Cursor Placement You know the pain of trying to move the cursor to an exact spot. It’s like your thumb gained 10lbs. Move the cursor with precision by turning the keyboard into a track pad. Long hold your thumb on the space bar to activate.
🔸Spelling Correction Spelling mistakes show up as a red squiggly underline. Tap to see a suggested replacement. Tap the suggestion to replace. Pro Tip - If you MEANT to spell it that way, tap the word, tap the right arrow, then tap +Learn. No more squiggles.
Hybrid Typing is a game changer. Speaking your words, while using the keyboard to add punctuation, symbols, and spacing, will increase both your speed and accuracy. Go directly to a polished result on the go, instead of a rough draft that still needs cleaning up.
If you haven’t already guessed, this entire thread was created on my phone while traveling, using every technique listed above. By the time the plane landed it was ready to publish.
iOS 16 has solidified Apple as the leader in the onscreen keyboard functionality race (sorry @Google, still love ya). Using advanced dictation will immediately increase the speed and quality of your creative work. Get started today.
I write about systems design and time management to help keep you consistently creative. Follow me @Sean Hogue for more like this. And if you learned something please retweet this thread to share with your audience.
Sean Hogue

Sean Hogue

Over 500M Apple users have upgraded to iOS 16. But they are missing out on the most exciting new feature for creators; Hybrid Typing. Here's 10 tips that you'll wish you knew sooner (I promise):
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Sean Hogue

Sean Hogue

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