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Nov 25, 2022
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🥭Mango Talent Thread🧵 🇸🇳Bamba Dieng (22) 🏟Olympic Marseille Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke Dieng, was born in the Pikine Department of the Dakar Region of Senegal. Bamba’s older brother Pape Hamidou Dieng is a professional Footballer which inspired him to start.

Bamba began his playing career for local team ASC Suneor in 2010 before moving to Diambars academy in 2014, made his senior debut for Diambars in 2019, spending one season scoring 12 goals in 14 games and that was enough for Ligue1 giants Marseille to sign the Senegalese in 2020
Bamba made his OM debut in 2021 in a Coupe de France game. Bamba was on the verge at signing for Premier League Club Leeds United this summer but changed his mind as he was stepping on the plane to sign for OGC Nice instead. What’s fascinating is he failed his medical with OGCN
I find himself back at Marseille. Bamba is a type of play Lee that has absolutely no fear when he takes the field. Full of explosive attributes and confidence. Bamba played for Senegal at all youth ages before making his debut in a FIFA World Cup qualification this year.
He’s helped Senegal win Africa Cup of Nations. Bamba is very much an attacking player, he can play out side or centrally. Bamba was likened to Didier Drogba by ex Senegalese international El Hadji Diouf, but I disagree, he reminds me more of a Sadio Mané type.
Bamba is very concentrated and determined with explosive pace and acceleration. Dieng is a very shot-heavy player, he’ll often shot at the first sight on goal. His shots are so powerful they can leave goalkeepers stranded.
It’s fascinating watching Dieng through on goal because he shows great composure with elegant clinical finishing. He’s able to take the ball beautifully in his stride when played through, he shows fantastic balance blended with agility. He’s vastly concentrated and always shows
Courage in his convictions. He’s the type of player that’s constantly on his toes, ready for any situation that may occur. He’s a real thorn to the oppositions defence.
For all Dieng electrifying pace, he’s not much off a dribbler of the ball, Dieng likes to rely on his exceptional positional awareness and forward runs. Bamba is tactically very astute, he’s absolute top see the space in behind and gaps before they appear, he’ll use his elusive
Pace to drive into the space latching onto through balls. He can really be an outlet for his team. In 2021-22 season he scored 7 goals in 11 Ligue1 starts whilst only managing 0.2 dribbles per game. His cleverness in the penalty area is what stands out, his timing is impeccable.
He is magnificent at holding his runs and attacking the ball in full flow, making him extremely difficult to defend again. Bamba is a mover, his low-centre of gravity, blistering pace and agility is outstanding, he’s able to weaver in-between players, using his extremely quick
Turn of direction. Just because Dieng doesn’t dribbling a lot doesn’t mean he’s not technically solid, because he is. He’s just decisive on his convictions, he smart on the ball and intelligent to understand his strengths are to pass and move around the opposition using quick
One-two play with his teammates. He’ll move all around the front line, he doesn’t have a preference of either side. Makes him incredibly unpredictable, the more he moves and draws defenders out of positions the more space he creates for others, very unselfish.
When Dieng does decide to dribbling he’s electrifying, his quick quick of pace with the drop of a shoulder and electric pace is terrifying. When he does dribble, it’s always effective. Creating 7 big chances in 11 Ligue1 starts shows his acuteness in possession, he’s actually a
IReally solid dribble and a attribute he can reply on more often. He’s very intelligent in possession, always looking to play the right pass and make the right decisions. He speeds up attacks and causes havoc amongst oppositions defensive line by picking up pockets of space.
Bamba is extremely athletic, agile speedster but also seems to be in control of his body and surroundings. If you enjoyed this thread, please follow for more! Check out my player thread of Senegalese and Tottenham midfielder Pape Matar Sarr 👇
Antonio Mango

Antonio Mango

🥭Mango Talent Thread 🧵 🇸🇳Pape Matar Sarr (20) 🏟Tottenham Born in 2002 in Thiaroye a town in Sénégal, situated in the suburbs of Dakar, on the southeast coast of the Cap-Vert peninsula. Sarr graduated from one of the most prestigious academies in Senegal, Génération Foot.
Antonio Mango

Antonio Mango

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