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Nov 25, 2022
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🎙Balde in an interview with @Mundo Deportivo on Jordi Alba. 🗣: "Jordi Alba gives me good advice. We both have good competition. If he plays well, it pushes me to do better."

🎙Balde on Spain as world cup candidate. 🗣:"It's too soon to say if we can win the World Cup, but Spain always have to be a candidate."
🎙Balde on his world cup debut. 🗣: It was a dream premiere. Make it a debut and above in a World Cup. They told me two days ago... It's a dream for me. I'm happy for the opportunity and especially for the team's victory.
🎙Balde on match against Germany. 🗣: Our goal is the three points on Sunday and we're going to go for it.
🎙Balde on `what he can improve in his playstyle. 🗣: I am very young, and I still have a lot to learn. For example, defense, which is always something I've been told I can improve. There is plenty of time to progress.
🎙Balde on Enrique. 🗣: He is a very good coach. The little I have talked to him has fallen very well with me. He tells me to be myself. I have already had several video sessions with him, and he has transferred the idea he has to me.
🎙Balde on Xavi. 🗣: With him I am learning a lot and lately he is trusting me a lot. I've had a lot of minutes this season and I'm very grateful.
🎙Balde on Barcelona reasons for optimism. 🗣: We have the League, the Cup, the Super Cup and the Europa League, we have to go and win it. The fans have to be convinced that we are going to give the maximum.
Barça Buzz

Barça Buzz

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