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Seduce Hot Girls

Seduce Hot Girls

Nov 25, 2022
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THINGS WOMEN DO WHEN THEY'RE INTERESTED She has no control over number 5. It's the biggest "ESCALATE NOW" signal.

Over my years of seducing the hottest women on the planet There are certain things that women will do naturally and unconsciously that show they are interested Let me break them down for you.
1. She talks about the EX If she's into you, she will want to know your history. When she starts asking about your ex, do this: Brag about how hot she is and what an amazing girlfriend she was, but you weren't really into her as much as she was into you. major social proof
2. Check her feet. A woman's body language is more than fiddling with her hair. If she likes you, there's a chance that her feet will be pointing towards you. If she likes you, she will lean in closer while speaking. If her feet are crossed, that's a bonus.
3. Mirroring People who like one another copy each other's gestures and body language without noticing. If she likes you, she will: - Sit next to you - Copy where you walk - Want to wear your jacket - Order the same drink as you She's just going to copy you.
4. She texts first. Not all women wait for a text. If they are genuinely interested, they'll text first. Sometimes they will double- or triple-text. However, if you've made the first move, do not spam her. Leave it at one text. If she likes you, she'll reply.
5. Her pupils widen Elevated oxytocin levels increase eye gaze and create a sense of well-being that increases attraction. This hormone is responsible for creating close bonds. Oxytocin also dilates the pupil up to three times its normal size when you see something exciting.
If she's attracted to you, her pupils will get bigger. She will also unconsciously stare at you and make eye contact. It's a natural, unconscious reaction, and if you ever notice this Escalate or go talk to her. It's a strong indicator of attraction.
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Seduce Hot Girls

Seduce Hot Girls

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