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Nov 25
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Col. Roske's writes to his wife from #Stalingrad 25 November, 1942: It was soon going to be morning. I was sleeping when my Adjutant, Hindenlang, reported:“The Russians were still occupying the School.” I make plans to recapture it. My main concern: are they in the cellars, too?

'... I give an order for a raiding patrol—our regimental reserve force, including our regimental musicians too, who have been trained recently to shoot properly. I called Captain Münch (Commander of the 3rd Battalion) to lead it ...
'... I later report [to Maj Gen von Hartmann] that Combat Post E and the ruins of the School are [back] in our hands. The Russian have left behind many dead—no prisoners at all. In the past thirty-six hours—four Officers lost. And 3rd Battalion’s adjutant (Lieutenant Koch) ...
'... is seriously wounded. (He was leading the assault on Fighting Station E.) My commander of the vehicle pool (Lt Willig, an extremely young person), will now remain as commander of the School garrison. Now my main concern: Caring for my people and how to keep them warm ...
'... The School is now in ruins. I have the cellars inspected, whether one can still go in there, whether they can still be heated. The dead Russians had to be thrown out! It was 9 a.m. In five hours it will be dark again ...
'... The pioneers begin to construct new defences in order to prepare for a counterattack, so that at dusk our positions can be protected. Prisoners are quickly put to work building barbed wire defences because in the last few days we have been able to work in here ...
'... The ruins of fortress “Alex” need to be staffed ... in order to establish a stronger defensive position, as well as provide some protection from the cold weather. Are there any working fireplaces? Ammunition? ... The Russian is bound to come back at night ...
'... I go to inspect Station "E" where my new artillery infantrymen are based. Their relief [upon my arrival] is obvious. The Russian artillery forces us to seek shelter, but the men must be able to see their commanders, so that they don’t feel like they have been deserted ...'
'... All the officers have to give advice and build trust for us to succeed. Much has to be done to help, to find out issues, and to solve them. Well, Bärbel, that’s what fighting means. It’s a manly job. Hard, but good. We will succeed. Your old soldier and husband, Fritz’.


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