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Nov 25, 2022
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1/ Food reviews from mobilised Russians are certainly... something else.



Mobiks from the previous video I posted won't be so happy about the canned chicken they found - this culinary review reveals the chicken is certainly not of the best quality...
2/ The mobilised man in this video asks how the supplier could have won the contract to supply the Russian army. The answer is almost certainly corruption. Two forms are common.
3/ First, suppliers often substitute inferior products for what they are contracted to provide, and pocket the difference. Soldiers are often served mouldy, rotten food contaminated with bacteria. E coli outbreaks occur periodically.
4/ Second, military officials may be bribed by contractors. A good example is that of Colonel Sergei Serkin, who abused his position as head of food procurement for the North Caucasus Military District to take bribes to purchase 3,500 tons of cattle food to feed to soldiers.
5/ It was a lucrative racket - in only two years in his position, Col Serkin acquired several apartments, a house and an Audi car with a total value of about $200,000. He was caught, but bribed the trial judge to let him off.
6/ In the case of the video shown above, I'd bet that some kind of animal food has been substituted by the supplier, quite likely with the connivance of corrupt military logistics officers. /end
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