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Nov 25, 2022
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This election was one of a kind,for the first time, everyone was curious of the outcome but regardless of the outcome,the key point was to maintain peace, and we honoured that part.

Now let's view the last election in this perspective,the world Cup. This are two teams playing against each other (kenya kwanza - Azimio). And then there is the referee (IEBC) commission.
Now the match has started and it's going on very well,as all of you can remember until there was a foul in the penalty area,in the 90th minute. That's when ka tension ika rise.
Now is the time to announce the results,of course both parties are invited to attend the announcement, but one party is nowhere to be seen or heard. But the spectators are all over place. As we wait the other party to arrive, now it's getting late. When the referee was going
To announce the results,outside the stadium,the spectators of the other party are already claiming that they are not going to accept the results announced because it has been rigged. Kula pause,how did you know it has been rigged and yet it is not yet announced?🤨
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