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You want to get wealthy. What should you invest in at different phases of your financial journey? Here’s how I would do it. A 🧵:

But first, some ground rules… I’m assuming you’re starting early in your career without a ton. And measuring things in US dollars. There are 5 stages of investment. I’ll go through each here broken down by net worth. And what I’d do at each stage:
NET WORTH: $0-100k OBJECTIVE: Optionality You’re just starting out. Probably with a job that pays OK. Live beneath your means. Save a ton: ~12 months living expenses in cash. So, you can safely start a business in the next step.
NET WORTH: $100k-250k OBJECTIVE: Cash Flow The best investing ROI here is a business you start. Pick one type with a proven model and little capital upfront. Like an agency, brokerage, productized service, etc. If needed, do as a side hustle until you can quit your job.
NET WORTH: $250k-1M OBJECTIVE: Become Unemployable Your goal now is to reinvest in your primary business. Grow it. Be all-in. Invest in joining a CEO peer group. Reinvest in your business to grow as long as ROI is high. Keep the rest in cash.
NET WORTH: $1M-10M OBJECTIVE: Asymmetric Bets Your business cash now flows well. If it’s a services biz maybe can’t get bigger. Invest where you can compound for long periods (20x+ returns) to hit the next level. Things like product businesses or high variance RE.
NET WORTH: $10M+ OBJECTIVE: Be Antifragile Some of those bets hit! Your goal now is to be unkillable. This means diversification: · Buy cash flow real estate (directly or as LP) · Own big %s of other businesses · Public equities If you want, do more asymmetric bets.
After 10+ years of work, you’ve made it! Before I finish, there is something missing: You MUST invest in personal growth in every stage. Learn. Read a ton of books. Listen to smart people. Join groups where badasses gather – try to be the dumbest person in the room.
There are other ways to get wealthy. Some may be faster or better. But, this is how I’d do it if I started over today. How would you do it? Reply below. Like/Retweet the first tweet below if you can:
You want to get wealthy. What should you invest in at different phases of your financial journey? Here’s how I would do it. A 🧵:
This came up in the replies (and I’m proud of it!)… You see what’s not here in this plan until the finish line? Diversification.
Everybody wants to diversify when they should be pressing their advantages.
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