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Dr Jaison Philip. M.S., MCh

Dr Jaison Philip. M.S., MCh

Nov 25, 2022
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♨️⚡️⚡️Trigger warning; The following is a sexual case study. Uninterested ppl, children, pls stay away.🙏 A 🧵; There was a storm brewing outside. I was shivering in cold from the drop in temperature. Viju Abraham (name changed), a chief engineer with the govt( the highest post

that an engineer can usually get), was escorted by a male nurse, into my room. Viju was in his late-50s, short, bald, portly & unmarried. Seated & alone, he recited his peculiar( for me) problem. It all started when he was 17. Travelling by bus to his college, his erect penis
had been forced against a teen girl's backside, in the intense rush inside the bus. Neither ws able to bail out in the huge overcrowded bus. Slowly, Viju began rubbing his erect penis against her buttocks. Tendrils of intense pleasure ran thro him, culminating in ejaculation.
The excitement had been so very intense, that Viju cd not think of anything else fr 2 days. He began planning. He started choosing the most crowded busses in his travel to college. He wd negotiate his way inside the bus, to the most beautiful woman in the bus. Pushing his penis
against her rear, he wd start thrusts ending in ejaculation. To aid in his new-found joy, he did away with d practice of wearing underwear. THAT practice had persisted fr 40 full yrs. He wd lay in bed,fantasing abt his 'accomplishment' the whole night. Soon morality overtook him.
After completing his acts, he wd experience intense guilt & obsession with thoughts abt the act. Those thoughts however, did not stop him one bit, abt continuing his 'acts' in the bus. So much so, that today though he owned a BMW, he usually used the city bus to commute.
He had been arrested by the police several times. But his position as a top govt official, money & political connections brought him out. There was significant distress everyday, that impeded his work performance. This had brought him to us, in a BMW this time, that, I, a BMW
enthusiast had watched with admiration in my CCTV feed, as he had parked it in pouring rain outside. "Is there a solution Dr?", he genuinely enquired at age 57, abt a practice that had started at age 17. I made exhaustive notes, completed my mandatory physical examination & sent
him to our psychiatrist...Frotteurism, is the act of touching/rubbing one's genitals against another person without consent, in a sexual manner to aquire sexual pleasure/orgasm. In most countries it is a crime. DSM says upto 30% of males in society cd suffer frm some form of it,
though I am unable to believe such a high estimate( still). DSM considers it a mental health disorder when it satisfies the following criteria; 1. Present more than 6 months. 2. Causes significant distress. 3. Causes disruption of daily activities.
Our psychiatrist had a long one-to-one with him, finally prescribing him some medicines & asking him 2 come fr regular psychotherapy sessions. He meticulously did for 2 months. I was happy at his compliance with instructions, since I am convinced abt our psychiatrist's abilities.
One rainy day, there were no patients at our place& I ws watching a Kohli century on my cell phone. The psychiatrist quietly entered, sat down & pushed across a newspaper. In it was splashed prominently, a sensational arrest. A clear photo of a short,bald, paunchy man ws visible.
Not all sex stories have a happy ending.
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