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FOOD POISONING & HOW I'VE SUFFERED. 1. On 23/11/2022 I went to Family Mart, Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya to purchase Hazelnut Latte & some food for breakfast before work. During breakfast, when I drank the latte, I felt what tasted like clumps.

2. Bcos the latte tasted fine, I didn't think anything of it and just thought it was the foam. Less than an hour later, I had a stomach ache & had to run to the bathroom. I initially thought that my tummy disagreed with the Kimchi Fried Rice.
3. Unfortunately when I continued to drink the latte later it tasted weird. That's when I decided to open up the lid and imagine how shocked I was to find the latte in clumps like in the picture. I had drank hazelnut latte with BAD MILK! I continued having stomach ache after.
4. When it's clear I couldn't get anything done, by 11-ish I decided to go home and later in the afternoon decided to go to the clinic because the stomach ache doesn't seem to improve. I was given MC, activated charcoal, antibiotics, diarrhea and stomach ache medications.
5. Luckily after taking the meds, I didn't continue to go to the bathroom. BUT... Being someone who just last month got admitted to the hospital for chronic bleeding due internal hemorrhoids, I have been suffering from abdominal pain on and off.6
6. This incident with the latte now had me suffering with on and off acute gastritis until today. Today, my hemorrhoids came back with a vengeance. I have emailed Family Mart & lodged a complaint on their app to ask for compensation but they seem intent on ignoring me.
7. Up until now, I have suffered greatly, my health and livelihood compromised. I can barely do work & today I can barely sit or walk. I'm planning on making a complaint to the rightful authorities but I'm not sure which authority or even how to lodge the complaint.
8. I would like to lodge a complaint to @KKMalaysiaπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ˜· as this concerns food safety but IDK where to go to?? I will lodge a report to KPDNKK when I'm feeling better. But other than that, what can I do??? Can anyone help me?? 😭 I penat dah bape hari sakit perut ni.
9. This is not my 1st time beli makanan BASI dekat Family Mart. Around the same time lasy year, I bought Diced Chicken Loaf Chahan that had expired BEFORE the expiry date. They fortunately gave me refund for that & I fortunately haven't consumed anything from it.
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