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She Said: The origin story of the #MeToo campaign 🙄🙄, or a version of it…

"She Said is a bland, stilted work largely without genuine dramatic life or energy. No element of ambiguity or complexity is allowed to intrude. Whatever conceptions and prejudices the viewer enters with, he or she leaves with."
Yes: I agree that both #ambiguity and #complexity are needed for intelligent art. Also, it is only intelligent art which can examine, and possibly change, people's prejudices. Not propaganda for cancel culture or whatever. 😏
"The pair of journalists spend their time pulling sad, grave faces at the stories they hear. If one were to take the film seriously, the discovery that bosses can be explosive and abusive, verbally or otherwise, came as a complete surprise to these veteran
"“investigative reporters” and the entire Times leadership. Have any of them worked in a factory, warehouse, office or hospital where employers “bestride the narrow world like a Colossus”? EXACTLY!! 😏💯
"Weinstein was a major fundraiser for the Democratic Party and a personal acquaintance of the Clintons. By 2017, however, the influence of the race and gender-obsessed forces had become so pervasive among the Democrats that they were prepared or obliged to throw Weinstein..
" the wolves." This is another thing. #MeToo has done SO much to attack and to hurt Hollywood and the arts in the US: the creative community which is liberal and generally socially progressive. It's done a lot to harm the careers of progressive liberal artists, most innocent
#JohnnyDepp was for quite a while among these. Until the #Deppvsheard defamation trial finally convinced the public that he was innocent and she was a lying neurotic cow! Basically. 🙄😏
1/ But anyway. This #MeToo thing (promoted ironically by Democrat-leaning newspapers) has done LOTS to attack & ruin the careers of liberal arts people: but has done little to attack politicians. Or, when it does, the politicians, eg #Trump, just brush it off:
2/ & nobody refuses to employ THEM or refuses to publish their book!! But Harvey Weinstein, Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Garrison Keillor even..🙄🙄 & Woody Allen, whose adopted son said his mother was crazy & making it all up.. Sure, it's worth cancelling THEM..😏 #CancelCulture
3/ Anyway, this #MeToo has attacked very few right-wing politicians, as opposed to liberal artists, & has brought down even fewer of the former! Of course, the odd Democratic politician has been attacked by the "movement" as well:
but if he ( #JoeBiden) is too important to the #Democrats to throw under the bus or to the #MeToo she-wolves, that male politician remains un-thrown. Doesn't that just say everything?? 😏
That the #MeToo movement is one of privilege, & that bows to privilege, I mean: just as @World Socialist Web Site & @WSWS Arts Review say! 👍
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