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Who are any of you? It’s seems strange you all think so highly of a brown woman calling another brown woman a white supremist? Just weird imo that you all so defensive of her. Why?? Her behaviour was acceptable to you all? 😬

Hi Charish, first. I am confused why you are attempting to derail the conversation to something that is not represented in my tweet. second I would like to point out that brown people can be a white supremacist adjacent with the company that you keep.

If you are in a room full of nazis and say nothing.... You are at minimum a nazi sympathizer. While a one could say she is a lawyer to white supremacist bigots as a way to reform them, she is not a criminal lawyer but a landlord and tenant lawyer. So she is out of her depth
The law profession is similar to medical and educational fields. You wouldn't want an ophthalmologist to do a heart transplant would you? Would you permit a kindergarten teacher to teach university students?
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