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Chicken Bonds (🥚, 🐔)

Chicken Bonds (🥚, 🐔)

Nov 25
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The Chicken Bonds community has created amazing dashboards 🤩 Check out these essential charts to get the best ROI! And don’t miss the latest chart additions to stay ahead of the pack A quick 🧵 on with some stats to look out for and charts 📊

bLUSD performance The bLUSD APR & yield amplification tells you how quickly bLUSD is accruing value 'Time-to-Market-Price' indicates the days it takes (under current conditions) until bLUSD has reached the current market price @Dune link ->…
Floor vs. market price of bLUSD If the premium of bLUSD is high (market - floor price), bonding is the best option Otherwise buying bLUSD or single-sided LP-ing with LUSD might be an alternative @Dune link:…
The better you understand the market and user dynamics the better your results will be! As promised- here are a few beautiful @Dune dashboards from the Chicken Bonds community that provide valuable insights 👇
1/ Chicken Bonds Activity Community member @Pierre Bertet created a dashboard that measures the activity of different bonders. This includes: - Bonds included and claimed - Volume of different bonds - Distribution of bonds between different addresse…
2/ Pending LUSD bond age distribution Our in-house dashboard provides a balance of all worlds, and summarizes the game dynamics involved. - APR and Yield Amplification stats - bLUSD Market Price vs Floor / Fair Price - ROI of different bonds…
3/ bLUSD Profit overview This dashboard by community member Haechi_Research features a wide range of bond status counters and various profit counters The highlight being the $bLUSD profit status chart and diagram:…
How do you keep ahead of the game? Comment and link to your favorite queries and charts 👇
Chicken Bonds (🥚, 🐔)

Chicken Bonds (🥚, 🐔)

A novel bonding mechanism | Amplified Yield | Dynamic NFTs. Built by: @LiquityProtocol. Discord:
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