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Nov 25
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I had posted a video on social media 2 days back, while some of you may already know the context but it was time, I present all facts in open to avoid further controversies & allegations and clear the air for once and all This is a Story about "My Nightmare with Option Trading"

Let me introduce myself, I have been into Forex Trading in my early days and then slowly shifted to Equity- Cash & Futures and this has been my bread and butter for last 14yrs. During this period, I had accumulated funds and lately I wanted to diversify it,
hence I wanted to leverage others skill set to maximize the gains for my portfolio.I am a Hodophile ,want to be a Travel blogger in near future that’s what I aim as of now Traveling acts as a multivitamin for me and due to my passion of being an avid traveller.
I thought of diversifying my funds after seeing F2F series of Mr Vivek Bajaj with a famous "Option Buyer", and was very impressed with his journey and his stellar returns. Since my Options Trading knowledge is close to zero,
I thought it was best to approach this person to manage my funds as I cannot give the required screen time to trade options or learn it due to my passion for travel. The "Option Buyer" after a thoughtful consideration accepted my offer on a capital of 1 Crore with a 20% DD limit.
And now begins the Nightmare... The Account was started with 1Cr on 13 April'22, 9 Days later i.e. 22 April, the First big drawdown happened which was 53% which was more than the threshold of 20% as initially agreed upon.
I took this up immediately and was told that it was bad phase, and the bounce back would the fast. By 5 May, the account was down to almost 60%.By 13 May, i.e., exactly after 1 Month the drawdown was now 70%, so around 70 lacs were wiped off in a jiffy.
After this I was again reassured that this loss will be taken care of, and the "Option Buyer" will Top up from personal funds if required. On 15 June, the account value had increased to 45 L from 30 L due to some option trades taken
On 16 June, 30 L were topped up as promised and the account value was now 75L So, for 2 Months I was in mental agony due to this fiasco by a seasoned Option Buyer.Tell me honestly, can any person withstand this suffering and helplessness.
Now comes the Recovery journey, The Full and Final recovery with gross 61% returns happened on 29th July. So, Option buyer made 61 Lacs on 1 cr account, and we decided mutually to close this account
since we both did not have a good experience and the professional working relationship was no longer amicable. I also paid a Professional Fee of 12.2 L for the "Option Buyer’s" services.
I however had few questions on my mind after this ordeal -Why was account not topped up when DD was more than 20%? Why wait till 70%? - If your account is down by 70% and if you discuss with Friends, does this amount to seeking sympathy?
-Is the "Option Buyer" incapable of understanding the Mental Trauma one goes through when 70% of hard-earned money is wiped off in a matter of a month.
I have never posted anything about this episode till now on social media as I was trying to protect image of both “Option Buyer” and myself and keep the conduct professional.
I however did discuss with 3 of my Trusted FinTwit friends since I was unable to fathom this unusual loss and wanted an opinion about how to go about this, where I wasn’t sure if my account will even breakeven.
It may be normal for the “Option Buyer” but for me it was beyond imagination to see such risk management from such a seasoned trader who is celebrated across the Fintwit.
I trusted my friends to keep it to themselves, if it was shared by their acquaintances I can't control or be responsible for their actions,But I did make my displeasure known to them as I never wanted this to be in public domain to protect the reputation of the “OptionBuyer" & Me
I am also owning up to the incident where a Drawdown of 70% was discussed in a video shared on Social Media, I was seen laughing in the video which was unprofessional on my part and accept it was wrong and duly apologize for this misconduct.
By sharing our stories, we give others a chance to learn from our mistakes instead of letting them learn the same way we did.
I would have personally never come and give clarification about such episode as it was very personal to me but since few months and off lately few days this topic was blown out of proportion names being called abused and harassed and hence decided to close this Chapter of my life
Sharing our painful stories openly in public Forum with each other is not being weak; I believe it’s being strong and considerate. I believe that we should not be ashamed to being vulnerable and share our darkest times.
While we wouldn’t desire these emotions, nor seek them out, we can view them as learning experiences for ourselves !! Now i Rest my case and its your choice to believe it or not 🙏
I also Refunded back the Top up amount of 30Lac as well !!


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