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1/ The term 'genocide' consists of the roots 'genes' & 'cide' (killing/destroying). So 'genocide' means the DELIBERATE act of destroying a specific genetic group of people. Since the 1500s, Western colonisers have engaged in targeted genocide against the natives they invaded.

2/ Some regimes actually practiced genocide as part of their official doctrine, locally & against the native peoples they conquered. They called it eugenics. These regimes were... - The British Empire - The USA - The German Nazis - The Empire of Japan - The Nordic countries
3/ Modern eugenics was first introduced by the British Empire. It became an official doctrine practiced by the USA. Later, it was adopted by Nazi Germany (Hitler was a great admirer of the USA) and the Empire of Japan. Some Nordic countries practiced it till the late 1970s.
4/ The concept of racial superiority is part of the doctrine of eugenics. When the British Empire, USA, Nazi Germany & the Empire of Japan committed genocide against the natives, they saw their victims as subhumans. To these imperialists, they were simply practicing Darwinism.
5/ Nazi Germany is still condemned today for their practice of eugenically motivated genocide in Europe. But the Western world simply ignored the other regimes responsible for the SAME crime against the peoples of the Global South: - British Empire - USA - Empire of Japan
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