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Nov 24
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Seeing a lot of Naira currency redesign that misses the UX part of the currency and focus’s on design. A user must be able to see the number a currency represents when they have at least 40% of the note in view.

Case scenario: First time visitor to 🇳🇬 Gives a roadside vendor 1000 naira note for 2 pieces of gala sold at 100 each, in the middle of a Red traffic light 🚦 Their change is 800 NGN, they have 10 seconds or less to verify that the vendor gave them exactly 800 NGN
Which was folded, because the vendor didn’t want the wind to blow away their money while holding the goods in the other hand. >> This scenario can apply to both users. But more importantly first time and visually impaired users of the currency need to be accounted
The reality is that redesigning is harder than designing from scratch, esp for widely used objects like currencies. I think they were so scared of making any major changes, they went for tweaks, which I think could be confusing and largely in-accessible upon mass adoption.
It's important to consider typography and scale when designing such a critical product. Also these key element Currency number representation GOVT identifier Anti counterfeiting elements Historical sensitivity to past designs Must be accounted for
What inspired this tweet in the first place.…
I don't go around the internet policing designs. I spent 48 hours in a country that I have never visited during the weekend. I saw a street vendor that sold cashew nuts. I was thrilled, like this is something I can actually eat you know. before then, I had exchanged /
If I were to put these ideas into practice, though not exhaustive, this is a not so-exhaustive list of how one could approach it.…
A representation of my ideas would take some time, assuming I use publicly available data. But this is what I will do Assume the current size / trend of wallets and purses in use today. (so note size is in line with this trend) I select one currency. Pick a color scheme. /
I left a couple comments on some design and most of them have been misunderstood. just incase, you have the same question…
Idk man, I have read your thread couple of time and I cant seems to get how it made his design bad. Sounds to me lik you have trouble with dominate of currency in that country which isn’t the focus of his design. I really want to learn from your view
Miracule 𓃵
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