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Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith

Nov 25, 2022
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I woke up to a gajillion Black Friday emails.😳 ☠️ Can we do this day—& this season—differently? A holiday gift idea for the booklover in your life + a way to support indie bookstores & authors: Preorder books coming out in Jan, Feb, March & April. Give a card listing… 1/

…the titles they’ll receive for the next 4 months, along with a new December release, or a bookmark and some tea or coffee or chocolate—whatever they’d want to have close by when reading. (No one in my family ever knows what to buy me, & I’d love this!) Now, which books… 2/
Your local indie bookseller would be a terrific resource here. They know what’s coming out in early 2023, and YOU know your loved one. But here are some of my preorder picks for January through April. January 2023: Judas Goat by @Gabrielle Bates… 3/
March 2023 preorder picks: Tanya by @Brenda Shaughnessy… The Wonder Paradox by @Jennifer M. Hecht… (Family: I’d love either or both with coffee, dark chocolate, and cozy socks pleaseandthankyou.) 5/
April 2023 preorder picks: You Could Make This Place Beautiful by…me! I’d be honored to be part of your gift-giving this year.💚… But also, I can’t wait for John Cotter’s memoir, Losing Music:… 6/
I hope you’ll add your own preorder picks for early 2023 in the comments. And please, either today or tomorrow—Small Business Saturday!—visit, email, or call your favorite indie bookstore with a list of titles to preorder for the holidays. They need our support. ❤️🙏📚 x M 7/
Another great gift idea that supports my neighborhood indie bookstore: signed, personalized editions of Good Bones, Goldenrod, and Keep Moving are available from @Gramercy Books Bexley, shipped right to you/them:…
Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith

"The other one." A thousand questions in a trench coat. Recent 📚: GOLDENROD, KEEP MOVING, GOOD BONES. Next: a memoir, 4/11/23. Find me on IG: @maggiesmithpoet
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