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Cormac Mac Sweeney

Cormac Mac Sweeney

Nov 25
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In moments Prime Minister @Justin Trudeau will be testifying at the inquiry into the emergencies act. #cdnpoli…

The inquiry room is packed right now for the final day of testimony. Prime Minister @Justin Trudeau is now called to the stand #cdnpoli
Trudeau was a bit late. Commissioner jokes it was anticlimactic and a false start. Prime Minister now swearing on a bible #cdnpoli
Commission lawyer notes she only has 2 hours for questioning. PM now being asked about his first briefings about the convoy. He speaks in French (this whole inquiry has been almost entirely in English)
Trudeau is asked about the first weekend of the convoy. Says there was a disconnect between what his political team had seen from anti mandate protesters in the lead up to the convoy and what they were being told by police #cdnpoli
Trudeau made calls with local Ottawa MPs at the end of that first weekend. Told @Yasir Naqvi 🇨🇦 he felt gutted for the residents dealing with the protest. #cdnpoli
Trudeau says the people of Ottawa are used to protests but this wasn't a normal protest. Talks about residents being harassed for wearing masks, the incident at the homeless shelter & hateful rhetoric #cdnpoli
Interesting transcript of a phone call between the Prime Minister and then Conservative Leader @Candice Bergen. She agrees with him that it would set a bad precedent to see protesters get changes to policy just by setting up blockades in Ottawa #cdnpoli
That is a different message than what we heard from Bergen and Conservatives during the protest when they were urging the government to meet with protesters and drop vaccine mandates #cdnpoli
Cormac Mac Sweeney

Cormac Mac Sweeney

Parliament Hill Bureau Chief for CityNews Toronto, CityNews Ottawa, CityNews Calgary, CityNews Vancouver, CityNews Halifax, & CityNews Kitchener.
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