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Kusati kwane MA massive vaccination programs aveko aya. Our forefathers used the sterms for treatment of Whooping Cough. Isusu tichikura we used this as a fighting ground. Waiti zvikangonzi kana takumuka chikoro tiri kuenda kumaReeds haaa waitoziva kuti kune Free Boxing match

The dried pollen icho chebrown icho. Chinosanganiswa necharcoal (matsito/rasha) kurapa zvakaita se: kidney stones haemorrhage Jeko abnormal uterine bleeding post-partum pains abscesses and cancer of the lymphatic system NB: not recommended for pregnant women
Kana mukadzi azvara achitadza kubuditsa mukaka. Unotora midzi yacho woomesa womwa 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water wakurara mukaka unotanga kubuda. Kune vanoziva zvemedicine the roots have galactogogue properties.
Kana une salt yakawanda mumuviri midzi iyoyo inoshanda zvekare because the roots are diuretic as well. Before industrial revolution midzi iyoyo yaitobikwa though isingaibve nhando. It tastes like Asparagus.
Maruva acho are used in the treatment of a wide range of ailments including: abdominal pain, amenorrhea (kusaenda kumwedzi), cystitis (bladder inflammation/UTI) dysuria (weti inorwadza) metrorrhagia (abnormal bleeding between periods) and vaginitis.
The roots are pounded into a jelly-like consistency and applied as a poultice to wounds, cuts, boils, sores, carbuncles (painful pus-filled bumps) inflammations, burns and scalds.
Roots - raw or cooked. They can be boiled and eaten like potatoes or macerated and then boiled to yield a sweet syrup.
The roots can also be dried and ground into a powder, this powder is rich in protein and can be mixed with wheat flour and then used for making bread, biscuits, muffins etc. One hectare of this plant can produce 8 tonnes of flour from the rootstock.
The root contains about: 80% carbohydrate (30 - 46% starch) and 6 - 8% protein. Young shoots in spring - raw or cooked. An asparagus substitute.
Mazviona ka kuti tinofa nenyaya yekushaya ruzivo. Kufa hako nenzara chikafu chakazara hacho kubani That's it for the week. Enjoy your weekend.
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