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Young dude thinking about marriage is at crossroads. Dude: Boss, how did you stop this away match and off side Mekwe thing? Me: First, I went cold turkey and made sure I got to know people without Mekwe. You know what I discovered? Women like Mekwe as much as men. It was hard.

Dude: So you refused people who wanted to Mekwe? Me: Yes oh! For some it became a challenge. I was even called names. One person just wanted to test if it was really working. I survived 19 months of Zero Mekwe. Dude: Boss, I can't even survive two weeks. That is my problem.
Me: You think you cannot until you try. What you need is distraction. I found tennis and the gym. I also had a lot of work to do. I was traveling a lot. Dude: Boss, you traveled and didn't taste? Me: That was the genesis of my problem. Variety. I had to give it up.
Dude: I don't think I can give it up yet. Me: Don't try to force it then. Just let the young lady go. Dude: But she is the one. Me: But you are not the one for her. Yet. They are now planning to get married. I hope he has now stopped looking..
Most of the time, this Mekwe thing outside is just greed and lack of discipline. Once you make it a habit, it is hard to stop. Those days, my brain would go into Mekwe hunting mode at 4pm daily. I worked hard and mekwed hard. Until I realized that it became an expensive habit.
There was no love. Just sex. I was no longer enjoying it. One day, someone stole $40 from my wallet after Mekwe and that was it. I was now bringing thieves into my life. I decided to go cold turkey to break it. It wasn't easy to start. I failed many times before I got it right.
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