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#joongdok vampire!yjh and kdj who really just wants to pass his chemistry course// when kdj asked yjh, the top 1 in their department and his (maybe) crush, to tutor him, he wasn't expecting to be pinned to the floor of his bedroom. (he was hoping it would be on the bed,

but he wasn't going to admit that. ever.) "what the fuck?" kdj hissed as his head hit the carpeted floor. he glared up at the man who had apparently decided that pouncing on him was a good idea. "what's wrong with you?"
yjh was hovering over him, his hands on the sides of kdj's head, propping him up. his face was flushed and his breathing ragged. kdj frowned. "hey, really, what's wrong with you?" "kim dokja, you..." kdj blinked. "me?"
but yjh didn't say anymore because he was BITING kdj's neck. kdj gasped as strangely sharp teeth sunk into his skin and warm blood started trickling out. blood that yjh started DRINKING. WHAT THE FUCK???? "WHAT THE FUCK?" kdj voiced his shock in a pained wheeze.
and that's how kdj found out his crush was a goddamn /vampire./ + yjh had messed up. he had messed up so bad. yjh jolted when he came to his senses, pushing himself up and off of the warm (so warm, like he himself never was) body and quickly covered his bloodied mouth.
"shit." yjh had lost it somehow, somewhen. maybe it was when kdj invited him into his room. maybe it was when kdj leaned too much into yjh's space, letting yjh have a whiff of kdj's enticing scent. or maybe it was when kdj got a papercut and yjh had to see how the
blood trickled out of the small wound, how kdj sucked on his finger almost absentmindedly, the gesture strangely seductive. yeah, it was probably that. so, yjh had lost it, and now kdj was glaring at him. /shit./ "sorry." well, he guessed he could get that part over with.
kdj sat up slowly and touched a hand to the side of his neck. "what the fuck?" he muttered almost to himself. yjh knew the wound had closed up. one of the perks of being a vampire: magical healing saliva. "sorry." he said again, just in case the other didn't hear him.
kdj looked up at him. yjh had expected confusion, anger, maybe even disgust. but kdj only looked mildly annoyed. kdj clicked his tongue before turning back to his textbooks on the low table. "whatever. just tell me what you got for no. 7."
yjh wasn't someone who did something as idiotic as gape, but his eyes did widen in bewilderment. "what?" kdj huffed. "no. 7! seriously, i need to pass this course and you promised to teach me, so. teach. me." yjh blinked. "that's it?" kdj sighed. "that's what?"
"you aren't gonna ask about it?" kdj sighed heavily once more before turning to him fully. "to be honest, is it weird you're a fucking vampire? yeah. do i care? not really. as long as you can teach me chemistry." yjh blinked, dumbfounded once more.
"you're still not teaching me." kdj pointed out and yjh snapped away from his momentary daze. yjh picked up his discarded pen, and taught kdj how to solve for no.7. + they made an agreement of sorts. yjh taught kdj. and kdj would sometimes let yjh drink his blood.
kdj called it a "win-win" but yjh suspected kdj didn't know the definition of win-win. not really. still, who was he to complain? some people seemed to notice their sudden closeness though. "are you guys dating?" somebody even asked them.
"no." kdj answered in exasperation, sleep-deprived as he was from cramming his assignments. the person looked at kdj, and then at yjh who was draped over kdj's back in what one would call a loose backhug, and then back at kdj again. "really? then what are you guys then?"
"he's my human." yjh answered, voice muffled by kdj's hair. kdj rolled his eyes. "and he's my leech." — end.
im projecting so hard. i would take being sucked dry by a vampire over dealing with assignments for any longer😭 i also just wanted to use "human" and "leech" as joongdok pet names so...*goes back to stu-dying*
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