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8 Websites That You Need To Know To Increase Your Conversions and Profit from your Google Ads 🧵THREAD🧵

Yo Thanks for stopping by I get it Google Ads can be overwhelming But to make things easier I've created a COMPLETE Google Ads Checklist Just comment 'ads' under the first tweet of this thread and I'll DM it to you for FREE. (Must be following) Now let's go👇
1. Hotjar .com Optimise your site by discovering how people are interacting with it. - Track user scroll and click behaviour. - Collect feedback directly - Integrate into Slack, Zapier, etc Enhance your website conversions.
2. Clarity .microsoft .com Microsoft's Free website behaviour tracker - Track user scroll and click behaviour - No integrations or feedback collection Enhance your website conversions.
3. Headline Studio Headlines . coschedule .com/headlines Craft more engaging headlines. Use this to increase the click-through rate of your ads.
4. HemingwayApp .com Make your writing bold and clear by giving you live feedback on your writing. Use this to optimise your ad copy.
5. PageSpeed Insights pagespeed .web .dev Get insights into what is slowing your website down.
6. Google Analytics analytics .google .com Understand your traffic sources, patterns and conversion rates in real-time.
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