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louis, oasis, and his masterplan start and end date: november 2, 2022 - january 18, 2023. A long thread (Part 1)🧵:

this all started because i was casually thinking heh, i should google “masterplan song” and see what pops up, just for the lols. just incase there is some connection. you guessed it, there was. the word “masterplan” always stuck with me and i know the word is a normal word in +
this context but why not just say “plan”? i had a feeling there may have been a further meaning and intention behind using the term so i checked. look what first appears when you search “masterplan song” - it’s an album by oasis. yeah, with Liam Gallagher, who Louis loves.
So, I said ofc! if this was any random singer I’d be okay, maybe a stretch but it’s oasis. Then the more I kept looking, the more I uncovered. Let’s start with the tracklist: key tracks that instantly stuck out: ➡️ half the world away ➡️ (it’s good) to be free ➡️ the masterplan
Song by song: let’s go! There’s too many links in all these songs so most of them I’ll just put the 👐 to indicate relevant points to Louis, Harry, Larry and/or their songs
1. Acquiesce ➡️ alive - queer motif used by louis/ one direction ➡️ alive/sleep - bigger than me link ➡️ Louis sampled this song for walls
2. Underneath the sky
3. Talk tonight ➡️ post show song ltwt july 23: a thousand years
4. Going nowhere
5. Fade away
6. The swamp song (instrumental) - not relevant
7. I am the walrus (live) ➡️ pigs fly ➡️ policeman
8. Listen up ➡️ very Louis coded ➡️ the whole song: speak my mind, #burntheempire, man in a suit, prevention of speech (closeting), finding their way back home
9. Rockin’ chair
10. Half the world away ➡️ link to the unreleased song with the same by one direction ➡️ leave this planet = space = apollo/moon theories = freedom
11. (It’s good) to be free
12. Stay young ➡️ relates to their queerness and being told to change, but they know who they are
13. Headshrinker
14. The masterplan ➡️ loudest song ➡️ most related song to multiple tracks on FITF ➡️ reading why I searched in the first place ➡️ not even 👐 this one because it’s the whole song ➡️ “ship of hope” ➡️ “tell them not to fear no more” ➡️ say it loud and sing it proud today” +
➡️“dance if you wanna dance” ➡️ “take a chance” ➡️ “You know they're gonna go which way they wanna go”-whether fans will support ➡️ “We’re all part of a masterplan” ➡️ “the answer’s in the looking glass”-link to Alice in wonderland ➡️ “million doors” ➡️ “life’s endless corridor”
The masterplan mv was released January 18, 2014. This made me theorise that the 18th of Jan, 2023 is the date of the end of louis’ masterplan - in which all stunts would have ended and they’d be free to publicly hang out together, atleast as friends. Freedom day.
What confirmed it for me that this timeline theory was correct, is November 2. The masterplan album was released on November 2, 1998. Guess what also happened November 2 this year? First mention of Harry since the 7 year ban ended.
If 7 year ban ended 31 oct 2022, why would the article be published 1 min into November 2nd instead of November 1? That’s right, it was intentionally planned for november 2 because of the link to the oasis album drop date. This is where louis’ masterplan timeline officially began
Thus, his masterplan timeline started November 2, 2022 and ends January 18, 2023. There are 7️⃣7️⃣ days between November 2 and January 18.
Louis has confirmed this end date 1 year in advance too with the tweet on the 18th of January, 2022. This was a scheduled tweet if you look at the time stamp. It came out midnight in my timezone; it wasn’t him randomly tweeting at some random time.
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

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Part 2 👇
louis, oasis, and his masterplan start and end date: november 2, 2022 - january 18, 2023. A long thread (Part 2)🧵:
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