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Nov 25
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88% of people procrastinate. As an entrepreneur, this could be costing you 100’s of $1000s each year. Here are 8 techniques every entrepreneur should use to beat procrastination:

1. Temptation bundling Combine a behavior that is good for you in the long run with a behavior that feels good in the short run This way, you’ll actually want to do what you’ve been putting off EG. You can go to your favorite coffee shop to work on a project you need to start.
2. Make it painful You need to make the consequences of procrastination more immediate. Create a new consequence that happens if you don’t get started now. Make it hurt! EG. Make a bet that if you don’t finish your work, you’ll pay a friend $100
3. Use a commitment device Commitment devices lock you into a new behavior ahead of time, giving you no choice but to change. This is making 1 decision that removes 1000 future decisions. EG. Set screen time restrictions and give someone else the password.
4. Declutter your desk Take 5 minutes at the end of each work block to clean up your workspace. This way when you next sit down to work, your workspace is nice, clean, and organized. A clear desk = a clear mind and a clear mind doesn’t procrastinate.
5. Close tabs Close every non-essential tab. A tab that isn’t used for your work is just a distraction. Have no more than 2 tabs open at once during your work blocks. Remember, multitasking is the enemy of productivity
6. Write it down Get clear on what you need to do. Write down the first step, the next step and the last step of your project. This will give you clarity on exactly what it means to start.
7. Set a deadline Parkinson’s Law: work expands to fill the time allocated to it Set tighter deadlines and force yourself to get it done You can bundle this with technique no. 2 for maximum effect. Give yourself a tight deadline and commit!
8. Start now! Don’t wait a second more. Get off Twitter, put your phone in airplane mode and tackle your project, now!
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Rich Webster 🏖

Rich Webster 🏖

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