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Nov 25, 2022
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A thread on Matt Hancock. 1 If you have any positive feelings whatsoever towards Matt Hancock, you cannot say you are awake. You are fully plugged into the real matrix. Matt Hancock is guilty of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

2 If all it takes is some TV public relations exercises to wipe that from your memory then shame on you. This man was central to shaping national health policy during the Covid scamdemic and his decisions led to many thousands of people dying isolated, dehydrated, and frightened.
3 Hancock knew very well the ramifications of his decisions, and the resulting deaths and associated widespread mental health damage, yet this did not stop him. And these decisions were, and are, nothing short of criminal.
4 At best, Hancock is a thief and a philanderer, having been caught both dishing out lucrative Covid contracts to his mates, as well as having an affair with a colleague behind his wife’s back. Trustworthy?
5 The much darker reality is that Hancock not only locked the elderly and vulnerable away in care homes, but we know that he was responsible for ordering a significant proportion of the world’s stocks of Midazolam. Look up what this is used for.
6 This Midazolam was undoubtedly used to sedate the residents locked in care homes, with those in charge of those facilities complicit, and the result was the very foundation of the lies, in the spike in excess deaths they used to sow their fear.
7 The ensuing ‘rules’, which the criminal admitted on TV last week were nothing more than ‘guidance’ (they deliberately never made that critical distinction at the time), led to accelerated deaths of the elderly due to isolation and dehydration.
8 These decisions also (knowingly) caused huge increases in people suffering mental health problems, not to mention the damage done to families who took opposing views on the scam, as some foolishly believed their Government. He also allowed DNRs be put on people as young as 40!
9 A key difference between establishing a death was murder and not manslaughter, is pre-meditation. It is impossible to argue that Hancock was not advised on the ramifications of his policy decisions, and so knowingly sentenced many thousands to death.
10 He’ll hide behind the scam and that he was tRyInG tO ReDuCe tRaNsMiSsIoN! That is no excuse as there were enough of us presenting the case that there was little to no evidence of any novel transmissible virus, to make such authoritarian directives.
11 HanCock will also be able to hide behind Parliamentary Immunity which will see him evade any deserved prosecution. The ‘I’m A Celeb’ appearance is simply an orchestrated exercise in PR to make the majority forget, and convince them he’s a swell guy.
12 Harold Shipman will argue he administered diamorpheme out of compassion. In reality he was a psychopath. The only actual difference between him & Hancock is good PR! Never ever stop telling the truth of what this monster did, and never let the reality be rewritten. End.
Ben 🕊

Ben 🕊

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