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Office of Nuclear Energy

Office of Nuclear Energy

Nov 25, 2022
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🧵: WHAT'S NEXT? These three advanced reactor designs are in the early stages of development and could be part of the next wave of next-gen U.S. reactors supported by @U.S. Department of Energy. (1/4)

Advanced Reactor Concepts, LLC. is working to deliver a conceptual design of a seismically isolated advanced sodium-cooled reactor facility that builds upon the initial pre-conceptual design of a 100 MWe reactor facility. (2/4)
.@General Atomics is developing a f5-=megawatt electric fast modular reactor conceptual design with verifications of key metrics in fuel, safety, and operational performance. (3/4)
.@Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is maturing the Modular Integrated Gas-Cooled High Temperature Reactor concept from a pre-conceptual stage to a conceptual stage to support commercialization. Learn more about advanced reactor development supported by @U.S. Department of Energy: (4/4)
Office of Nuclear Energy
Advancing new tech to meet future energy goals with clean and reliable nuclear power.💪⚛️ RT/Mentions aren't endorsements.
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