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Nov 25, 2022
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I don't want anybody to take my tweets about special marriage act and queer marriage to think i am against queer marriage Im going to explain how it is to get married under the special marriage act regime in India Suppose Fahadh Faasil wants to marry me. How will it happen.

First we will both go to the Registrar office where either of us reside. Let's go to the Saidapet Registrar office. We have to submit a Notice Intending Marriage. Aadhar proof, etc will be asked. Then this notice will also be sent to where Fafa's permanent address is.
Then our photos will be pasted outisde the office. Sometimes other personal details like phone number etc may also be shared. (There was a controversy of this there photos and notices going online in one state) My family is expecting me to do something like this. They pay
somebody to watch. and as soon as my photo is put up, they know it. They do everything they can to prevent this from going forward. Fine - I am smarter. I pay the peon and he puts up my photo behind all others in the notice board But looks like Fafa didn't do that. Our photo
Is visible in the Kerala SRO. His parents find out. Gone. That was really careless, Fafa. You make crores. You couldn't give that anna money for one tea. Waste.
Objections can be raised during this time. By ANY PERSON. The marriage officer will look into it. Marriage will not be solemnised until the objection is resolved. And no, the word 'objection' is not defined.
One man is objecting to the marriage because his wife left him because of Fafa's shirtless scene in Vikram. STUPID objection, but guess what. Until that's dealt with i can't get married to the hot guy.
Somehow all objections are dealt with, my parents are coming to terms with the fact that their son in law is quite talented and my father has also started forwarding good morning flower photos to fafa Life's good. We are going to get married Oh no. Vikram 2 shooting rescheduled
He is going to Siberia for 4 months. Kamal also sent him voice note and because Fafa is a simp for Kamal's voice, he sent a reply saying - seri sir. I'll be there He promises me we'll get the certificate when he's back BUT GUESS WHAT. WE CAN'T. We have only three months
We have to start all over again. Kalidas Jayaraman has sent Fafa a message now saying he's going to object for fun during the second time around. Everything is terrible. someone has drawn devil horns on my notice board photo and has given fafa's photo one lipstick kiss.
I'm not against queer marriage. I'm against my friends in the community being subjected to degrading treatment as a result of this regime. I'm afraid their birth families will be able to trace them. I'm terrified some group will be formed to object to every queer marriage
The existing SMA regime is rubbish. It is taxing and degrading and violative of your right privacy, choice, and dignity. I do not think it is wise for an already prosecuted community to be subjected to the practical implementation of the SMA. The notice period first has to go
As does the concept of objection. If two people can walk in, solemnise, and get out - that's the ideal situation That doesn't exist yet And until it does, more harm than good will come out of solemnisation of queer marriages under the existing special marriage act law Fin
sleepy cat

sleepy cat

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