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Gia Macool

Gia Macool

Nov 25, 2022
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If you’re building a brand, this is for you: First impressions.  No matter what anyone says, they’re not that important.

Do you know what is important? Consistency.  It’s how the best brands keep their audience coming back repeatedly. In today’s digital world, breaking through the noise seems to be harder and harder.
With competition on every platform, how do people pick what to consume? It comes down to aligning with a company’s values.  This means you need to be upfront and clear about your values. Doing so will develop deep brand loyalty within your audience.
To do this, you need to build your brand very carefully. This includes visual aspects and the mission and values that define your purpose.  These values should align with the audiences you aim to reach.
As your brand presence takes shape across many platforms, inconsistencies in those brand elements will directly undermine your impact.  Brand consistency builds a strong foundation from which audiences can better understand you.
The result is brand trust, loyalty,  and, ultimately, the driving force of repeat business. To prevent inconsistencies, you need to audit your current content and set brand identity guidelines. How do you do this? 👇🏻
1. Content Audit To maintain brand consistency, you must establish what you aim to be consistent with. Things such as: Logo Fonts Colors Images Tone and Voice If you don’t have unity across these five elements, your brand will miss communicating its message.
Audit current… Emails FB posts Blog posts Twitter posts Website Copy For the above five elements. Delete the bad and save the good.
Then you need to find a place to keep all of your current and future content. Getting them all in one place prevents inconsistent work from slipping through the cracks. While you move everything into place, look for things that can be repurposed or refreshed.
2. Buyer Persona Who is your ideal target customer?  You must know your ideal customer, or this is all for nothing. To sell effectively, you need to know who you’re selling to.
A buyer persona is like a character profile of your ideal customers:  Who they are  What they want The tools they use Challenges they face  What are their lives like  Who they are influenced by You need to have a clear picture of who you’re targeting and how your product helps.
Once you have a buyer persona, you can create a…. 3. Brand Strategy A brand strategy is a long-term plan to help you achieve specific goals. It encompasses the brand's mission, promise to customers, and how these are communicated.  A cohesive strategy must be known.
4. Content Workflow Content is how you showcase the knowledge your business is built around.  Your content allows your customers to identify with the topics you value.  It can offer advice, relatability, and provide leadership by giving a step-by-step guide to problems.
Summary: 1. Content Audit 2. Buyer Persona 3. Brand Strategy 4. Content Workflow If have a brand, you must have brand consistency. If you don’t have a system, your brand will be poorly represented. Follow these steps, for consistent and reliable content for your brand.
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Gia Macool

Gia Macool

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