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Nov 25
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🧵 Washington Post @Post Book World editors and reviewers for compiled several lists featuring their favorite books of the year. Here’s a look at The Post’s top 10 picks for the very best fiction and nonfiction works of 2022:

Perhaps you have more time to listen to a book, rather than read. Indeed, the right narrator can bring a good story to vivid life. Katherine A. Powers shares the 10 best audiobooks of 2022:
Searching for something to read that will spark a bit of joy — or offer comfort — when you need it most? Here are 14 of the year’s best feel-good books, compiled by multiplatform editor Allison Cho (@Allison Cho):
Do you want a thriller or mystery that might even stump Sherlock Holmes? @Post Book World editors Nora Krug (@Nora Krug) and Stephanie Merry (@Stephanie Merry) selected 12 books from 2022 that will keep you on the edge of your seat:
“Romance, more than any other genre, is one that readers come to when they need hope,” Adriana Herrera writes. “The genre affirms the belief that anyone … can find not only love but also a Happily Ever After.” Here are 10 of 2022’s best romance novels:
.@Please Pre-order PROMISES STRONGER THAN DARKNESS! Anders chooses nine science fiction and fantasy novels from 2022 that managed to combine mournfulness and rage. N.K. Jemisin and Peng Shepherd are among the authors on the list.
Post writer Michael Cavna (@comicriffs) compiled a list of 10 of the year’s best graphic novels. Among this year's picks: textured memoirs, throwback superheroes and riveting real-life horror.
This year’s best collections of poetry, compiled by Troy Jollimore, offer a variety of pleasures — dreamlike landscapes, linguistic playfulness, traditional forms and experiments in style.
Longtime librarian Karen MacPherson picked 15 of the year’s best children’s and young adult books. Her selections include picture books for your littlest ones, middle-grade novels for young readers and young-adult titles for teens.
Perhaps you’re a fan of memoirs, biographies and history books. Here, then, is a look at The Post’s selection for 50 notable works of nonfiction:
If you’re looking for a broader selection of the year’s best novels and short-story collections, here are The Post’s picks for 50 notable works of fiction in 2022:
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