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This #BlackFriday, we stand in solidarity w @Amazon workers striking for dignity & safety for workers & communities harmed by Amazon & its tech! From warehouse workers, to drivers, to engineers: as workers united, we’re unstoppable. #MakeAmazonPay🧵

BREAKING NEWS: Workers and citizens in over 35 countries launch a global day of strikes and protests to #MakeAmazonPay. Send them your message of solidarity at
Today @Amazon workers and activists in 30+ countries are take to the streets to demand justice for workers, communities & the planet. Tech giants can’t make $ w/o us: we have the power to demand these companies do right by their workers & the communities we serve. #MakeAmazonPay
From surveillance tech pushing @Amazon warehouse workers to meet dangerous quotas, to collaborating w/ police, to providing tech to the Israeli apartheid gov & military via #ProjectNimbus: Amazon tech harms its workers & our communities #NoTechForApartheid
As tech workers, we’ll keep demanding justice for Palestinians & all communities harmed by surveillance, criminalization & racist segregation–which @Amazon Web Services & @Google Cloud power via their cloud contract w/ the Israeli apartheid gov & military. Learn more:
Workers Against Nimbus
@Google and @Amazon workers demanding our companies end their Project Nimbus contract with the Israeli government and military ✉️
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