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King of Kings 🤴🏽

King of Kings 🤴🏽

Nov 25, 2022
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We are in a simulation You can't escape from simulation. The only way "out" is to create your own customised simulation Thread 👇 👇 👇

We are in simulation run by inorganic entities. The thing is, these inorganic entities, the Sourceless (NPCs) can only operate via simulations. They don't have a mind of their own, but they have to be loaded with updated data everyday They can't think for themselves
When you see them, they act very normal and composed like normal human beings, yet they are using uploaded information There ensures that it's the matrix architect, the Dermiurge who is in charge of everything about them from the itch on the skin to reproduction
The problem is, if you are not an inorganic (artificial) soul, they also want to and have actually simulated our souls We have been programmed to the extend that as organic souls, we don't see what the inorganic souls see. They can see the 4D realm the way we see in 3D.
Simulation simply means our souls have been programmed to see and experience reality in certain way A soul is a software. The Sourceless (NPCs) have artificial software while the Starseeds have organic software. But the bottom line is its a software
We can't run away from the nature of the soul but we can program it to experience reality the way we want. A simulation is run by inserting data (programs) in the soul, the way people program computers. You need to know how to put your own data as an organic soul
That's how you create a customised simulation (matrix). To do this, you need to expose your soul to certain information until it is condensed (crystallised). You create false impressions until they are encoded as real What is it tht you want? Believe tht you have by claiming it
A soul can't diff btwn feelings and reality. Btwn imagination & experiencing. It records all as real The method I encourage is that u record your own affirmations. For example, "I praise myself, I am healed from cancer." You listen to it repeatedly. Your soul wil bring the cure
Mind you, we have been engraved into the system of inorganic souls that can't create. We are imitating their way of life to the death of our souls It's time to change that
King of Kings 🤴🏽

King of Kings 🤴🏽

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