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So today I did more help for this Ukrainian English learner... he can't afford paid tutoring but it's good practice for me. The final question he had to go through was a pretty tough reading comprehension one. I read the question out loud and worked it out in my head. 1/

So when I was done all that, I had done process of elimination to rule out which of the choices applied to none of the "three people" involved (four choices of "job ads", it was matching 3 to the 3 people). I'm a smart English native and I found it required serious thought. 2/
So I looked at his answers and he had picked the same ones I did. I complimented him, and then I was briefly explaining my logic behind my choices. I was 80% done that when he wrote... "I found it difficult so I randomly filled in the answers." ......๐Ÿ˜„3/3
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