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CCTV FOLLIES 11/25 Another nothingburger news day Outside the studios of CCTV, things seem to be heating up. Big news. You won't see it on the news, but you can sense it. Chinese social media is awash with troubling images from all four corners of China.

The current brutal suppression of worker protest in Zhengzhou is well documented...
But Urumqi, which has been under a very long lockdown is also stirring with serious unrest
Chongqing has been hit with street protests and citizen clashes with the white-suited police.
Guangdong residents cry for freedom after being locked down for arbitrary reasons for far too long.
And now the evening news from CCTV...
It's one of those slow news days.. Extensive choreographed ceremonials, all pomp and circumstance, and a bit pompous, too.
On guard at the Great Hall of the People
Heralding an important photo op
The President of Cuba mounts the steps for his audience with the paramount leader
Peng Liyuan, who made quite a splash in Thailand for putting her hands together in a wai to greet people by their own terms seems to think it's a thing for all foreigners.
What a waste of time, effort and money
For some reason this choreographed sequence brings to mind Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator"
The etiquette for those granted an audience to hold hands clasped and at attention. As for the big guy, he can put his hands wherever he wants.
Another point of etiquette is who wears masks and who doesn't. It's not about viruses or germs, it's about power and appearances. Maskology is the new science of tea-leaf reading
Final point of etiquette. The paramount leader can talk with his hands, point, hector, lecture or drone on for hours and there's nothing to be done about it.
Nothing like a good goose-step on a bright morning
CCTV then takes us from the Byzantine halls of power in Beijing to the deep countryside.
Guangxi Province is a land of happy, smiling minorities. Native faces light up when they receive word of the issue of the report on the spirit of the 20th congress and the Xi Jinping's new era.
We will deeply implement the spirit of the 20th...
And now it's time to dance with joy. Am I the only one troubled by CCTV's penchant to make the happy minorities dance for the camera on cue? Dance, Bojangles, dance!
They are happy, they are smiling, young and old alike.
And now, two-thirds the way into Xinwen Lianbo, something that might actually constitute news. On Covid controls: "There is no compromise, only optimize" which is a way of saying there will be a vaccine push. It subtly suggests Xi is never wrong and science will catch up
CCTV really knows how to roll out a new campaign. Yes, youngsters, it's time to get your shot. One wonders what the young man is trying to forget.
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