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Nov 26, 2022
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Unnoticed; a yoonmin au “Where do you live?” Yoongi asks his newly appointed manager, “let me drop off my files at your place.” Beomsoo, his new manager, sounds eager, “surely, sir. I am living in the same apartment as your old manager.” The rapper pauses, “right. Okay.”

The yoonmin arc of this au -…
Amy 🪄

Amy 🪄

Poisonous; a #taekookau The beta rolls over, eyes following the alpha, who walks around the room to get dressed. Taehyung looks at the clock. It is past three at night. He looks back at the alpha and sighs. “It is late.” Jungkook nods, “I know.”
Yoongi knocks on the same door, watches it open to a new face. The new manager is another omega, properly dressed and ready for the day. Yoongi walks inside when the omega asks him. He looks around, “the company gave you this place?” The omega nods, “yes, sir. It was vacated.”
Yoongi watches the living room. The furniture. The kitchen. Everything is the same. Just… something is missing. Someone. The place looks empty. Filled till the brim, but empty nonetheless. It smells of his new secretary. His pheromones in the air. It smells weird.
It's not the scent Yoongi associates this place with. The apartment doesn't welcome him as it used to. The scent of flowers blooming in the air, that stupid air purifier at the corner of the room, humming. The vases filled with flowers on every counter top. Some song playing.
The pile of clothes on a chair near the balcony, the take-out menus all over the kitchen counter. Yoongi looks at the kitchen and blinks. Beomsoo is cooking something. His lips twitch. Maybe this apartment is seeing someone cook here after years.
He wonders how the apartment feels about these changes. Yoongi doesn't like changes. Not really a fan of them. He looks at Beomsoo walk out of his bedroom, asking Yoongi to sit down so they can have lunch, discuss everything. Yoongi sits, for the first time he sits on the stool.
Most of the time he is on the other side, cooking and the manager is on the stool, fretting over his schedule and everything else. Yoongi's fingers twitch when he thinks if Jimin is eating. Not his concern anymore. He is gone for good. Yoongi likes to think.
“I hope you like working with me, Beomsoo,” Yoongi says on his way out, “I am a little hard to work with-” “Jimin ssi said you are the most caring and open-minded boss I can ever ask for,” Beomsoo says, smile wide, “told me he started working with you right after he graduated.”
He did. He was a freshly graduated omega who was desperate for a job. Being Min Yoongi's assistant was the toughest job he could have got, but he never backed out. Yoongi still remembers meeting Jimin for the first time. The omega so frightened and meek. So obedient.
Things changed gradually. Yoongi has seen Jimin get comfortable in Seoul. Yoongi has taken the omega places, introduces him to people, and watched the omega branch out. It didn't take long for Jimin to settle in, make a small place in Yoongi's life, as well as in Seoul.
Now that he is gone, Yoongi is not sure how to fill in that place in his life. He can fit Beomsoo in that place, like this apartment did, but it feels surreal somehow. “Thanks, Beomsoo,” Yoongi nods, “I will see you in work tomorrow.” He leaves.
Things go back to normal. It takes Yoongi three or so months to accidentally stop calling Beomsoo as 'Park.' It takes a few more months for him to not internally wince every time Beomsoo sits in that chair in his studio where Jimin used to sit. Months go by slowly.
It takes almost six or seven months for him to walk inside that apartment and compare it to Jimin's. What does not change is, his apartment and that one room where Jimin would stay if something came up and Jimin could not leave for a night. Or when the omega would come over.
when he would fall ill and Yoongi would insist for him to not stay alone. That room stays the same. Yoongi cannot, for the love of God, let Beomsoo in that room. He tells himself that it's okay, he just doesn't like changes. Beomsoo can have another room if he wants.
A year passes by. Taehyung and Jungkook are dating now. The nation's power couple. Yoongi watches their clips, reads the news articles and everyone is in love with them. He is surprised to realize, he is in love with them too. He adores them. He wonders if Jimin knows.
On the first night of his tour, Yoongi picks up his phone, dials that number. It's blocked. He sighs, cuts the call. He wants to send a message. Thank the omega for everything. He knows he can get Jimin's contact if he tries. He can meet the omega if he tries. He doesn't try.
He thinks it's better. So, he doesn't seek Jimin out but goes on stage, looks out at the brimming stadium and thinks of that omega's words. 'The day you fill an entire stadium, sir, you better treat me! I am working my ass off for it with you!' The words ring in his ears.
'I don't know if we will ever meet again, Park,' Yoongi thinks to himself, 'you left me in debt.' By the time he comes back to his country, after his tour, it's already December. Yoongi can't believe it is going to be 2 years of his life without Jimin. It feels surreal.
'This is the last time I am meddling in your business.' The words get heavier with each day. Yoongi feels like he is drowning. That wasn't supposed to be his goodbye. He just wants to meet that omega one last time, and thank him for everything. Do it properly this time.
He doesn't want Jimin to remember him like that. Angry, frustrated, hurtful. Yoongi wants to treat Jimin to a nice diner and part ways with a smile on their faces. Because, no matter how much they fought, there was always that smile on their faces. For each other.
“You look lost nowadays,” Taehyung says on his birthday, they all are celebrating on Jungkook's terrace, “you don't,” the beta tilts his head, “look like you.” Yoongi gives him a look, “or, maybe, tiger,” he ruffles Taehyung's hair, “you are too busy looking at your alpha that +
“You stopped recognizing us,” he rolls his eyes playfully. Taehyung doesn't smile, he leans his head on his hand, “how are you?” Yoongi shrugs, “good.” Taehyung hums, “I heard the company is asking you to move to a new apartment. Some stalker published your address.”
Yoongi looks at the darkness of the city, hums, “yeah, I am moving out soon.” Taehyung traces the lines on Yoongi's face, “you don't look happy about it.” Yoongi is not sure why he is not happy about it. “How are things going with Hyun?” Taehyung asks again.
Yoongi looks at the beta, “he is my rut partner. How are things with him? Fine?” Taehyung chuckles, “there are so many cases where an alpha falls in love with their rut partners, you know?” Yoongi knows. He is aware of that intimacy meaning something more. For him it never did.
He looks at the sky, the stars are hidden under the veil of the clouds. Yoongi suddenly wonders if Jimin still likes to name those stars that shine the brightest, like he used to. He frowns. “Do you ever feel this urge for a closure so deep that it hurts?” Yoongi asks aloud.
Taehyung frowns, confused, “with Hyun?” Yoongi closes his eyes momentarily, “not him. I just...” he sips his drink, “sometimes I wonder if he will always remember me for the ways I got angry at him. Or, feel insecure thinking how I called him a pest or asked him to leave...”
Taehyung's expression clears with understanding and morphs into a sad one. “It has been two years, hyung,” Taehyung squeezes Yoongi's shoulder, “I think, by now, hurt slowly faded away and he remembers you for how kind you were with him almost all the time. Or, your bickerings.”
“I just want to apologize for the times I wasn't,” Yoongi shrugs, “for the times I surely hurt him. I was hurting and I reflected on him. He didn't deserve it. None of it,” he looks at Taehyung, “knowing him, he would forgive me.” “Then, contact him,” Taehyung answers.
Yoongi smiles down at his drink, “nah,” he stands up to leave, “I don't,” the words are all jumbled in his head, “I don't want to. I think I am not brave enough to find out if he still hates me or not.” Taehyung watches the alpha go, “but, how long can you go on like this?”
Three years. It takes him three years and being in Busan with the others to finally seek Jimin. He goes to the address the omega left behind in his company. It's a small house by the beach. An author lives there with his secretary. Yoongi looks at the house from outside.
“You want to go in?” Hoseok asks, looking around, “I got you an appointment.” Yoongi grips the insides of his pockets, hands in fist. He nods. Hoseok moves ahead, talking to the guards and sending in their visiting cards. The author, Choi Jaesuk, invites them in.
Yoongi follows Hoseok, letting him talk and sitting beside him on the couch. “Sorry, I made you wait,” Jaesuk comes in with a warm smile, “I was busy with some work. Hello.” Yoongi and Hoseok stand up to bow. Jaesuk bows back, asking them what they are here for.
“Park Jimin,” Hoseok smiles, “Yoongi is here is old employer. We were in Busan, thought of dropping by.” Jaesuk's eyes turn to Yoongi with a wide smile, “of course, I know you. Plum told me about you when I hired him.” Yoongi stops for a second, then he gives a hesitant smile.
He shares a look with Hoseok and looks back at Jaesuk, “Plum?” Jaesuk slaps his forehead, blush coating his cheeks, “shit. It's getting out of hand. I keep calling him that out of habit now! Sorry,” he laughs, “habit of two years, you know?” Yoongi nods, “you are dating.”
“For two years now, yes,” Jaesuk nods, “we are engaged, actually,” he shows his hand to Yoongi, “set to marry this June.” Yoongi watches the ring and the alpha in front of him, “right.” Jaesuk points at the trays, “he is out. Just have some snacks. He will be back soon.”
Yoongi knows Hoseok is watching him. He nods mutely, taking a sip of the iced-tea he was offered. Hoseok takes the drink too, silently sipping. Yoongi is not sure how long it has been, but then he hears Jimin's voice. “Jaesuk! I told you to not keep the umbrella-”
Yoongi cannot explain it, but hearing that voice after three years and inhaling the omega's flowery scent after that long, he feels sick. He is not sure when he started forgetting that voice. Not sure when Jimin's scent slowly bid him goodbye. Now it all come rushing back.
He inhales deeply, holds the breath in and looks at the side where Jimin stands. The air is punched out of his chest as soon as he sees Jimin. “Sir...?” Jimin whispers, voice hoarse, “what-” Yoongi stands up, watching how Jimin's hair is pink now. Baby pink.
Yoongi is not sure what to say. His eyes trail over the omega's form, and he is not sure what can he possibly say. “You let your hair grow,” Jimin says, walking inside the room, “it looks good on you.” Yoongi tries to moisten his dry throat, he nods, “you didn't know?”
“Stopped keeping a tab on you, sir,” Jimin gives him a smile, “why,” he bows at Hoseok and at him, “are you here?” Yoongi is not sure how to say he wanted to take Jimin out for dinner. Just one dinner. He is not sure how to say it now. “We were here,” Hoseok jumps in -
“To see you,” Hoseok smiles wide, “and, to ask if you would like to join us for dinner.” Jimin blinks, “…for dinner?” Hoseok nods eagerly, “yes! Dinner for the news! You are getting married!” Yoongi is not sure what to say. He nods. Jimin looks from Hoseok to him, “oh?”
Jimin shakes his head, “I am not sure-” Jaesuk goes to stand beside him, arm wrapped around Jimin's shoulder, “come on, plum,” he smiles, “it's your old friends and colleagues. Just a dinner. I think you should go.” Yoongi watches Jaesuk press a gentle kiss on Jimin's temple.
Yoongi's eyes trail over Jimin's skin, picking up on those barely concealed marks on his pale skin. Maybe this is his closure, Yoongi thinks. Jimin is happy, he doesn't keep a tab of him anymore. He doesn't think about Yoongi, good or bad. It feels like a closure.
The omega looks happy, his eyes reflect the love he has for Jaesuk and Jaesuk looks at the omega as if he is smitten. Yoongi smiles, pushes his hands inside the pockets of his jeans, “you look perfect together,” he says, his first words to the omega after three years.
Jimin looks at him, nods, “I know,” he squirms closer to the alpha, “he loves me.” Yoongi can see that, clearly, “I am happy for you, Park,” he gulps, “if you don't want to come to the dinner-” “I don't,” Jimin shakes his head, “I was planning something for my alpha tonight.”
“I will not have the time, I am sorry,” Jimin gives him an apologetic smile, “thank you so much for dropping by though, sir,” he looks at Hoseok, “hyung, but I can't. I am sorry.” Hoseok looks at Yoongi and Yoongi looks at Jimin. Jaesuk hesitates, “plum, we can cancel-”
Jimin shakes his head, “there is something I need to tell you as soon as possible,” the omega's smile widens, “it cannot wait, alpha,” he looks at Jaesuk with a soft expression, “I cannot hide it for long,” he looks back at Yoongi, “sorry, sir. I hope you understand.”
Yoongi nods, takes a step forward, “of course, I do,” he looks at Jimin for a long moment, then he smiles, “I just,” Yoongi is not sure how to say three years' worth of words in a few minutes, so he doesn't try, “wanted to tell you, I owe you a dinner. I sold out a stadium.”
Jimin's eyes twinkle with pride, “I knew you would, some day, sir.” Yoongi gives him a small smile, “remember how you wanted a treat if I did?” Jimin breathes out a soft laugh, “I remember. A dinner,” realization hits him and the omega is grinning, “that's why you are here?”
Yoongi shrugs, “just...” he breathes out, “you left me in debt, Park.” Jimin gives him a soothing smile, tilts his head, “there's no debt, sir,” he waves his hand, “you have cooked me enough meals, sir. You are under no debt. It's okay. Congratulations.”
Yoongi nods, “to you too,” he looks at Jaesuk and back at Jimin, “for the wedding. June wedding,” he gives Jimin a teasing smile, “I can sense who chose it.” Jaesuk laughs, “you got it.” Jimin rolls his eyes, cheeks blooming with colour, “shut up.” Yoongi watches the omega.
Jimin seems genuinely happy. He looks content and so happy. Yoongi wishes nothing more for the omega. “I will take your leave now,” Yoongi nods, “thanks for seeing me again.” Jaesuk holds his hand up, “I will send an invitation for the wedding.” Jimin laughs, “no way. Nope.”
“I don't want our guests to be more excited about meeting Min Yoongi than the actual grooms,” Jimin pinches Jaesuk and smiles at Yoongi, “no invitation for you. You,” his smile dims, “will be busy, anyway.” Yoongi shrugs, “would drop by if you wanted, but I understand.”
Yoongi bites down on his lower lip, “I guess, this is goodbye, then.” Jimin nods, watches Jaesuk give them some privacy and go to talk to Hoseok. He smiles at his alpha and looks back at Yoongi. “I bid my goodbye three years ago, sir,” Jimin whispers, “remember?”
Yoongi can't fight that dread anymore, “I just didn't want you to remember me like that. Angry, upset-” “I don't,” Jimin hugs himself, “now I know what it feels like to be loved by the one you love, you know?” he chuckles, “I don't hold grudges. Not anymore.”
“For a year I did,” Jimin sighs, “for a year I was bitter, angry, upset,” he looks at Jaesuk then, “but, not anymore. He,” he smiles, “he made me realize you can fall in love again. I forgave you the day I realized I fell in love with him.” Yoongi lets out a breath, “thank you.”
Jimin laughs, “you are welcome.” Yoongi holds his hands out, “may I?” Jimin watches his arms and looks up at him with a nod. Yoongi slowly steps up to the omega and pulls him in a hug. Jimin still smells the same. Just as he did three years ago. Yoongi inhales deeply.
His eyes burn all of a sudden, and Yoongi feels the way his heart squeezes in his chest. This pain is unfamiliar. He doesn't understand this. He pulls back to see the omega wipe his eyes. “Are you okay?” Yoongi asks. Jimin does not match his eyes, he nods, “yes.”
“I think we should go then,” Hoseok comes to stand beside Yoongi. Yoongi nods, eyes still on Jimin, “goodbye, Par-” he stops himself, breathes out a smile, “Jimin. Goodbye.” Jimin nods, steps back, “goodbye, hyung,” he steps closer to his alpha, “thanks for dropping by.”
Jimin and Jaesuk come to the gate to see them off. Yoongi looks over his shoulder to see the gate close on the couple. He turns to face the vast sea beside the path they are walking on. He smiles at the sunset. Finally, it feels like a closure. A goodbye.
“Here,” Hoseok holds out his phone, “his number.” “Hmm?” Yoongi looks at the phone and back at Hoseok, “whose number?” Hoseok sighs, “Jimin's number. Got it from Jaesuk.” Yoongi watches the screen, the digits right there, “what am I supposed to do with his number?”
“I don't know,” Hoseok pushes his hands back in his pockets, eyes ahead at the road, “just keep it.” Yoongi gives Hoseok his phone back, “I closed the chapter, Hoba. I don't need his number anymore.” Hoseok takes the phone, typing something. Yoongi's phone buzzes in his pocket.
“Just in case,” Hoseok smiles, arm going around Yoongi's shoulder to pull him closer, “if you ever feel like the door is not closed properly.” Yoongi does not utter a word. Instead, he looks at the sea beside them. The cool breeze washing over him. Just as those gentle waves.
It is May, the sun blazes through his window. Yoongi pulls the drapes closed and goes to sit on his couch. On his tea-table, there are a few envelopes. One in particular stands out. A cream-coloured envelope with his name on it. Jimin and Jaesuk's wedding invitation.
For a long moment, Yoongi just looks at the card and then he opens it. He reads the invitation and folds the card back in its envelope. Yoongi leans back on his couch, thinking if he should call Hyun and ask the omega to come over. Maybe finally ask the omega on a date.
He picks up the phone and dials the number. The ring is loud against his ear, and Yoongi waits. When it goes on for too long, he thinks of cutting the call. That is when it is answered. “Sir?” Yoongi's eyes snap closed, “not working for me anymore, Jimin. Call me, hyung.”
For a moment Jimin is quiet, and then he sighs, “why are you calling?” Yoongi looks at the card on his tea-table, “I got the card.” Jimin sounds confused, “what card?” Yoongi traces his name on the card, “your wedding card.” “Oh,” Jimin sounds shocked, “you got it?”
“You didn't send it?” Yoongi frowns, nails digging onto Jaesuk's name on the card. “No,” Jimin chuckles, “Jaesuk did, probably,” he sounds tired, “don't show up though. Okay?” Yoongi's brows rise, “why?” “I do not want to see you on my wedding day, hyung,” Jimin mumbles.
“Are you happy?” Yoongi wonders, “I thought,” he frowns, “I thought you wanted a winter wedding. With snow, light music, in a cottage-” “Shut up,” Jimin sounds agitated for a moment, “don't even try to sound like you care!” Yoongi stares at the card, “are you happy, Jiminie?”
“He makes me happy,” Jimin whispers, “he gives his everything to make me happy. I finally got someone who cares,” his voice is light, it rings, “he loves me like I deserve. When he holds me, I feel like my sorrows will disappear-” “Will disappear or they disappear?” Yoongi asks.
“What's the difference?” Jimin snorts. Yoongi folds the edge of the invitation, “when he holds you, you think your sorrows 'will' disappear. So, they are still present. No?” Jimin does not answer for a few seconds, then he gives a soft laugh, “you are still a philosopher.”
“It would be the sunset, sir,” Yoongi narrates, his memories taking him back to his old flat, a cosy morning, coffees in their clutches, work long forgotten, “I will walk down the aisle with his hand in mine. The snowflakes dusting the path to the cottage. Soft music playing.”
“He will look at me like I am the only person he sees,” Yoongi whispers, “the last ray of the sun will reflect on the snow, and he will tell me that with me beside him, he can embark on the journey of the darkest night. We will make it till the dawn. If we are together. In love.”
“I was an idiot, huh?” Jimin chuckles, “a sap.” Yoongi looks at the time written on the card, “why is it so early? Why is the venue, a wedding hall, in the city? Why-” “Because, that wedding is not the same wedding I am having,” Jimin grits out, “so, things change! Big deal!”
Yoongi closes his eyes, “are you happy?” “Yes,” Jimin hums, “he makes me happy.” “No,” Yoongi shakes his head, “not him making you happy. Not these changes making you feel good. You, on your own, are you happy?” “You do talk some shit!” Jimin curses, “people make you happy!”
Yoongi hums, “I always thought the same. When I fell in love with Taehyung, I thought the same. He made me happy. Then he was gone, and I was still,” he frowns, “I don't know how to make you understand this, Jimin, but, then he was gone, and I came home and I felt as ease. Fine.”
“You know why?” Yoongi smiles to himself, eyes on the ceiling, “because, there was this person, who silently, in the background, built me a place where I did not need another person to be happy. Or, feel comfortable. It was you,” Yoongi frowns when his vision blurs, “you know?”
Yoongi presses his index finger at the corner of his eye and pulls back to see the moisture and he rubs it off with his thumb. “You didn't demand anything, you never probably noticed, but you made my apartment home and I didn't need anyone else there to feel happy, comfortable.”
“I think, what I am trying to say is, people, some people, teach you to be happy on your own. They know they will not be with you forever, and they try to make sure you are taken cared of even when they are gone. You did that for me,” Yoongi rambles, “you taught me to be happy.”
Yoongi smiles, “for that, I don't need Taehyung. Or, anyone else, for that matter. So, that's what I am saying. Do you have a place like that? Or, do you feel like you are happy? On your own?” Jimin sighs, the silence stretches, “I am happy. I don't know all these, hyung.”
“He is an amazing person,” Jimin counts, “a caring alpha. A loving partner. He makes me feel safe when I am with him. Makes me feel loved. What else do I need?” “You need to love him,” Yoongi breathes out, “Park Jimin, you need to love him. Do you love him?”
“Of course, I do!” Jimin sounds enraged, “what the fuck do you mean? I am marrying him! I have chosen him! I am going to spend the rest of my life with him! Of course, I love him! When he proposed, I had no doubt that he will keep me happy, safe, loved! I wanted him!”
“What about you?” Yoongi whispers, “if he didn't propose, would you?” he wonders, “do you think you will keep him safe, loved and cherished? Do you think he feels loved with you?” “I will cut the call now, hyung,” Jimin grits out, “I don't have time for this!” He cuts the call.
He does not hear from Jimin again, and Yoongi does not call either. It is June, Yoongi counts the days till the omega will be married. “I will go on a vacation,” Yoongi says to his manager, “get the jet ready.” His manger nods, a new beta, “where to, sir?” Yoongi is not sure.
“Anywhere far,” Yoongi hums, “just make sure on the 19th, I am busy travelling.” His manager looks at him with confused eyes, “sure, sir.” Yoongi goes to his work. - He is to leave on 19th, Yoongi is busy packing when the phone rings. It is late at night when the phone rings.
Yoongi frowns, “hello?” “Fuck you!” Yoongi arches a brow, looking down at his bags, “uhh...” “No, seriously, you had no rights!” Jimin shouts over the phone, “you had no fucking rights to ask me those stupid, philosophical questions! Fuck you!” Yoongi arches a brow, “okay...”
“I was happy, you know?!” Jimin hisses, sniffles, “I was happy. I made my life around him! I saw my future, planned it. It is right there. In front of me! Right in front of me. But, here I am,” his voice goes hoarse, “in my bachelor party, locked in a bathroom stall...”
“Thinking how I had all the chances to have my winter wedding. Jaesuk would agree in a blink but I never proposed the idea because,” Jimin bites back a sob, “because, he is not the one I wanted to have that wedding with! He is not the one I envisioned this journey with!”
“I am so pathetic!” Jimin laughs, “it has been years! Years! It's not like you ever loved me, or we were ever anything remotely romantic! But, here I am. Still holding onto you for no reason! When there is a man who is ready to marry me and loves me unconditionally. Fuck you!”
“What am I doing?” Jimin cries into his hands, “what the fuck am I doing?! I have a planned, secured future waiting for me. I cannot do this, I cannot let him go because you suddenly showed up with your stupid questions and I saw you, and now I don't want to do this-”
“I will never love him as much as I love you,” Jimin sobs, “and, that guilt is eating me alive! He deserves to be loved way more than you do! You asshole! He-” “Jimin,” Yoongi murmurs, “please, calm down.” “No, let me speak!” Jimin hisses, “I am drunk, let me get it all out!”
“Tomorrow morning, I will have to be sober and make the right decisions and be the mature man that I am,” Jimin's voice quiver, “tonight, let me be drunk and honest, for f'ck's sake!” Yoongi grips the shirt in his hand, watching the bag, “okay.” Jimin laughs, “that's it?”
“That's it?!” Jimin thunders, “okay?! That is all you are going to say?!” Yoongi lets out a long breath, “I am not going to ask you to not marry him. I know he loves you. I know he is the perfect alpha you can wish for. I will not tell you to drop him for me, my half-ass shit.”
“You are drunk, I am not going to influence you like that,” Yoongi's eyes burn, he closes them, “I can't handle if the sober Jimin regrets it. I can't put you in a position where everything was in your reach, and you left for something so vague. Me.” Jimin does not answer him.
Yoongi's throat bobs, “you don't need my half-ass tries. My tries to be that alpha for you. I can't snatch away your perfect, planned future for a vague idea of it with me. I can't do it-” “Do you love me?” Jimin whispers, “do you?” Yoongi bites down on his lower lip, “yes.”
Jimin lets out a garbled laugh, “out of every place I imagined for you to confess, this is not even on my list.” Yoongi's lips twitch, “well, I never imaged I will. So,” he sighs. “Then, why did you?” Yoongi chuckles, “because, I am hoping, by tomorrow, you forget.”
“You know, what?” Jimin sounds resigned, “I hope so too. I hoped to forget for these past few years. I guess,” Yoongi hears the hopelessness clearly in Jimin's voice, “there is no alcohol strong enough to do the job.” Yoongi sits down on his bed, dropping the shirt in the bag.
“Say something,” Jimin begs almost, “say something. Make me hate you,” he whimpers, “say something to turn me away again. Say something to shut me down. Kill this hope,” his voice quiver, “say something for me to give up on you.” “Don't give up on me,” Yoongi chokes, “please.”
“Don't give up on me,” Yoongi hides his eyes in his palm, tears rolling out of them, “don't give up on me. I will give up on myself if you do. You made me trust in myself. You are the one taught me to love myself. If you give up on me, I will have no reason to hold on. Please.”
“You are so selfish,” Jimin blubbers, “you are so selfish-” “Not enough to ask you to say by my side,” Yoongi whispers, “not enough to ask that much of you. Just,” he wipes his eyes, looking at the city through his bedroom window, “I don't know. Just... don't stop loving me.”
“Don't stop loving me,” Yoongi cries, shoulders shaking, “I can't think of you not loving me. I don't want to think,” he bows his head, elbows resting on his knees, “I can't go on knowing you stopped loving me. Fully. I can't.” “I am getting married, you asshole!” Jimin hisses.
“I will never ask for anything,” Yoongi stands up to go to the window, watching the citylights, “I will never try to sabotage your happiness. Your life. I will never show up or show you my face. Just, tonight, for the last time, tell me you love me. I will live with that.”
“I am not an idiot, I know I missed my chance and life is not going to give me another,” Yoongi blinks at the darkness, “so, I will not seek that. I just… just tell me, one last time, that you love me. Still. A little. Enough to get me by. Please.” Jimin cuts the call.
Yoongi watches his own face on the glass window. Notices the tears silently rolling out of his eyes. He wipes them, just for fresh tears to take their place. He breathes out a hollow laugh, turning away to come and lie down on the bed. He sleeps till the morning.
Yoongi leaves for the vacation the next day. He hates himself for keeping an eye on the clock. “Drink, sir?” the air hostess asks with a polite smile. “Do we have champagne?” Yoongi asks. She brings him a glass and Yoongi takes a sip when the clock strikes nine.
“Congratulations, Jiminie,” he whispers to himself, eyes on the clouds, “on your wedding.” Yoongi leaves the glass on the counter then, closing his eyes to force himself into a sense of slumber. He hates how tears brim in his eyes and how the air hostess leaves him alone.
He does not want to be alone. He wants to be somewhere. Anywhere. Where he is not alone. Where he can reach out and hold that hand. Where he can turn to look at that face, and that face looks back at him. With a smile. Where that person never leaves him alone like this.
---- When he comes back from the vacation, he busies himself with his upcoming album. Yoongi does not let himself linger on a topic for too long. In fear that he might drift and his mind will take him somewhere else. He hops from one work to another. It is October now.
“Hyung, where are you?” Taehyung asks, “we are coming over.” Yoongi looks up from his laptop, “I am at home but, why?” Taehyung curses, “because, we miss you, and you are not going to ghost us like this forever. See you.” Yoongi stares when Taehyung cuts the call right away.
Then it hits Yoongi. Why Taehyung was so on edge. It is 12th October. Yoongi laughs, looking at the laptop screen, where the date blinks back at him. He is pathetic, really. He is glad his friends know that too. When the doorbell rings, the alpha does not want to let them in.
But he knows Taehyung is impatient. The beta rings the bell over and over again. The sound too loud around him. Yoongi gets up, walks out of his bedroom, and winces at the state of the living room before he goes to open the door to Taehyung's grinning face.
“You are home and alive!” Taehyung sounds cheery, the freshly mated bite mixing his alpha's scent with his own. The new scent still too pungent in the air for Yoongi. “Where is Jungkook?” Yoongi sighs, “who else are coming?” “No one,” Taehyung steps aside, “not even me.”
“I came to drop him off,” Taehyung gives another boxy smile, “in fear that he might not do it, otherwise.” Yoongi does not really pick up on those words. His eyes on the omega who stands there, swallowed in that grey hoodie, fidgeting with his hands. Eyes downcast.
“Enjoy the date!” Taehyung points a finger at him, “I swear, you better make it a good first date!” Yoongi stares at the omega and the omega looks anywhere but at him. “Hyun, what?” Yoongi asks, looks at Taehyung, “what?” Taehyung waves, “enjoy!” he glares, “be nice!”
“I am sorry,” Hyun sounds hesitant, “I shouldn't have come. He was insisting, and you know how Tae is-” Yoongi waves, “yeah, hey, it's okay,” he tries to smile, “it is okay. Come in. It's fine.” Hyun shakes is his head, “no, it is not fine. You don't want me here. I know that.”
Yoongi watches, helpless, how tears well in Hyun's eyes. “I just miss you, and you don't owe me anything but,” the omega sniffles, “I really like you...” Yoongi watches, horrified, how Hyun starts to cry, “shit, Hyun!” He walks up to the omega, pulling him into a tight hug.
Hyun pulls back just a little to cup the side of Yoongi's face, “I miss you, hyung.” Yoongi watches him, those tearful eyes twisting something ugly in him, “I am sorry.” Hyun gives him a wobbly smile, leaning in to press his lips over Yoongi's, “it's okay. You are here now.”
It's the scent. The flowers blooming around him. Yoongi inhales deeply and thinks since when Hyun started to smell so familiar. So achingly comforting. So warm. Then the scent shifts and Yoongi winces. It smells of dying flowers. All around him. Yoongi looks up and freezes.
Jimin stands at the arch of the corridor. His eyes move from Hyun to Yoongi. The omega gives them a long stare, those lips curling up, and then he is turning on his boots and disappearing. Yoongi would think he imagined the omega if not for the rotten scent that lingers.
Yoongi shoves Hyun away to run down the corridor. Jimin is nowhere. Yoongi blinks, running to the elevator to see it is too far down to be here a few seconds ago. Then he turns towards the fire escape and jerks the door open. The omega's scent fills his nostrils. Yoongi cruses.
With hurried steps he starts to go down the staircase and stops when he sees the blond. Jimin is blond again. Yoongi runs to catch up with the omega. “Jimin-” “Don't fucking touch me!” Jimin curses, whipping around to glare at him, “don't even dare to touch me!”
Yoongi ignores those words, takes a hold of Jimin's elbow, “why are you here?” Jimin snorts, “I have no idea! I wish I knew!” “Where is your husband?” Yoongi asks, worried eyes all over Jimin's face, “where-” Jimin looks at him, jaw tight, “did not marry him. Could not.”
Yoongi goes perfectly still, “you... did not marry him? Why?” Jimin's face contorts, “now I am asking myself the same thing! Why didn't I marry an alpha who is so madly in love with me that he would still take me back. Why won't I give him a chance for a shithead like you?!”
“It took me four months to simply get over the guilt that I walked out of our wedding like that,” Jimin hisses, “it took me months to come to terms with the fact that I was just that stupid! All these months, I spent trying to seek his forgiveness. Four damn months, Min Yoongi!”
“Jaesuk told me he loves me,” Jimin hugs himself, “meant it. He told me he loves me when I left. He told me he loves me when he called me. Told me he loves me last night when I finally got the courage to ask for forgiveness. For doing that to him. He said, he would wait!”
“Jaesuk said he would wait and if I ever want, I can go back to him,” Jimin gives a hollow laugh, “and, here I am. Ruining my happiness to come and seek you out because, I am so stupidly in love with you still, and it's my birthday and I wanted to see you and I see you kissing-”
“I thought you were married,” Yoongi whispers, “I thought you married him.” Jimin gives him a disbelieving laugh, “yeah, I should have. I think I should.” He turns to leave, but Yoongi rounds him, caging him against the railing of the staircase. “Hyun was just dropping by.”
“I have been your secretary for far too long to not know what an omega dropping by your apartment actually means,” Jimin grits his teeth, “trust me. I know.” “No, you don't,” Yoongi shakes his head, “I do not love him. I do not want him. That is not the case. Trust me.”
Jimin snorts, “so, now you kiss people because you don't want them?” “He kissed me-” “You didn't look like you were very opposed to the idea. If I saw it correctly.” “I am sorry, I was shocked, and I didn't know what to do,” Yoongi begs, “I didn't know you will show up!”
“Oh, that explains everything, then,” Jimin looks away. “I didn't know you didn't get married!” Yoongi throws his hands up, “for all I knew, you were getting railed right now by your fucking alpha because it is indeed your birthday. Don't blame me for not knowing!”
Jimin's glare is scorching, “are you really blaming me?” “Yes!” Yoongi steps up to the omega, crowding him against the railing, “you had fucking four months, and you don't contact me?! I was here falling apart-” “I don't owe you comfort when you were never that to me!”
Yoongi lets out a deep breath, “what do I have to do for you to believe that Hyun was not here for anything, and I am not looking for something with him. I was just home, Taehyung dropped by with him because Taehyung thinks I need to get out and date and stop moping around?”
“I am so fucking in love with you and I thought you were gone. I had no chance with you anymore. I am trying very hard not to break down right about here with the things I am feeling right now. Can we not argue about something so meaningless? That kiss didn't mean shit, Jimin!”
“If I didn't show up, were you going to fuck him?” Jimin asks, direct and blunt as always. “Yes,” Yoongi nods, eyes not leaving Jimin's face, “I might have. You can't fucking blame me because I did not know you were coming or I did not know you were single. I had no clue. Okay?”
“But,” Yoongi grips the railings behind Jimin, “even you know that I won't do it if we were something. Come on, Jimin, do you hear yourself? Am I supposed to know you were coming? For all I knew, you were gone forever!” Jimin closes his eyes, trying to calm himself.
“You are going to go up there and tell him off,” Jimin points a finger at Yoongi, eyes hard, “if he is still there, that is.” Yoongi hesitates, “I mean... he is. I am sure.” Jimin blinks, “why are you sure?” Yoongi winces, “he knows the passcode to my apartment.”
“Are you trying for me to get angry or something?” Jimin demands, “do you want me to storm out of here?! Is this your way of telling me off?!” “No!” Yoongi grips Jimin's hands in his, “no! Shit! No! I am just telling you how it is! I will change the passcode! I swear!”
“Why does he know it in the first place?” Jimin jerks his hands free, “who is he? What am I walking into? Is there something going on with you two? Am I interrupting something?” he sounds tired, “if there's something going on. Just tell me. Fuck! Don't feel obligated in any way!”
“You don't have to,” Jimin looks lost for words, “you don't have to feel obligated thinking that now you have to accept me because I ran out on my wedding. This is not the case. This will never be the case. If you have something with that person, just tell me, and I'll leave.”
Yoongi holds his breath, “he is my rut partner.” Jimin pauses for a second, breathes out a laugh, “and, let me guess, he loves you? Wants something more?” Yoongi does not answer. Jimin gives a small smile, “reminds you of someone?” Yoongi curses, “he is not you!”
“We are down the same lane,” Jimin murmurs, “don't you think?” Yoongi has no answer to that. He watches the omega, and Jimin watches him back. “I will go,” Jimin murmurs, “I think, I should go-” “No!” Yoongi holds Jimin's hips, “no way you are leaving! Not again! No!”
“I lost you once, not again!” Yoongi begs, “I love you! Shit, Jimin, he means nothing! I love you!” Jimin smiles at him, utterly broken, “it feels like I am Taehyung now. He is me.” “Don't say that!” Yoongi urges, you are you, and I am in love with you! Not Taehyung, or him!”
“I will go up there and ask him to leave,” Yoongi tries again, “I will tell him to leave. Please. Don't go. I will do anything.” Jimin looks at him for a second too long and then the omega heaves a sigh, “tell him to leave, be nice about it. I hate you, but I understand him.”
“You are coming with me,” Yoongi reaches to grab Jimin's hand, “I am not going and leaving you here.” Jimin lets the alpha pull him closer, his eyes anywhere but on Yoongi. Jimin does not utter a word while Yoongi drags him up the stairs to his apartment. Yoongi opens the door.
Hyun is by the kitchen, filling up a glass of water. Yoongi freezes, looking at Jimin, whose eyes are on the omega too. Jimin starts to tense up and Yoongi rushes inside. “Hyun, can I talk to you for a second? Outside?” The omega looks up, startled, “hyung. Oh. Sure!”
As Hyun follows Yoongi out, Jimin goes to stand by the vast window in the living room, looking out at the skyline. Yoongi takes his time. It is at least a few minutes. Jimin does not move, he stands where he is until he hears the soft click of the door closing. He does not move.
Yoongi comes to stand beside him. For a few seconds, they both are watching the city. Then Yoongi looks at him. Jimin keeps his eyes resolutely on the city. “He is gone,” Yoongi murmurs, “can we talk now?” “What do you want to talk about?” Jimin does not meet those eyes.
“Us,” Yoongi forces Jimin to turn and look at him, “you and me. I want to know what happened. Why did you leave Jaesuk? What-” “I could not possibly marry him knowing my love for him will never be as intense as his was for me,” Jimin looks away, “I could not do that to him.”
Jimin gives a soft laugh, “god, he was devastated,” tears brim in his eyes, “he still contacted me when I left. Kept asking if I need anything. He still calls to make sure I am eating or taking my meds. If I am home or out. If I am doing fine. He loves me so much.”
This is exactly what Yoongi did not want to take away from Jimin. This is exactly why he did not want to open his mouth, but he did anyway and here they are. Yoongi watches the omega and feels the pain Jaesuk is probably going through. He did not want to destroy them like this.
Jimin looks at Yoongi, “he writes romantic novels, and he always treated me like the lead of his story. You know? Yet, here I am,” Jimin looks tired, “seeking my happy ending in you. To whom, I am nothing but a side character.” Yoongi steps up to the omega, “don't say that.”
“I will do my best,” Yoongi reaches to cup Jimin's face in his hands, “I will try my best to make you feel how much I love you. I will do my best to make it up to you. I am sorry,” Yoongi leans his forehead against Jimin's, “for what happened. I am sorry for how I was. So sorry.”
Jimin holds Yoongi's shirt, tentative, “it is because you want to and not because you are taking pity on me for running away from my wedding. Right?” Yoongi nods, “right. I am glad you ran from that wedding, though. I can't help. I am not that selfless.” Jimin rolls his eyes.
Yoongi's lips twitch, “I am all for Jaesuk finding someone made in heaven. An angel. God himself, just,” he bites back his smile, “not you. I am glad it's not you.” Jimin's nails dig on Yoongi's chest, his glare not hiding the twitch of his own lips, “you are evil.”
Yoongi holds the omega closer, “may I kiss you now?” Jimin arches a brow, “you are not done with kissing? You are not going anywhere near my lips when you just kissed that omega!” Yoongi breathes out, “you won't let it go, will you?” Jimin shakes his head, “not so soon!”
Yoongi gives him a small smile, pressing his lips against Jimin's cheek, “okay. I will wait. Happy birthday, Park Jimin.” Jimin holds his breath, “thank you.” Yoongi is not sure if it was Jimin or him who got the best birthday gift. He thinks it is him.
Jimin never let himself imagine dating Min Yoongi. He never even let himself imagine Yoongi loving him back. So, it is all very surreal to him. The alpha takes him on numerous dates. Sometimes the alpha surprises him with dates that take place overseas.
Yoongi prefers those dates because he can be himself in those foreign countries. They go to unknown towns, rent a motel for a day or two. Yoongi takes him on long strolls. Their hands held between them, soft words on their lips. They sit by the riverbank, watching the sun set.
Yoongi always remembers to bring a blanket that he wraps around them. Jimin leans his head on the alpha's shoulder while Yoongi's voice fills his ears as the alpha talks. Sometimes, they just sit. No words exchanged, just their sides touching and eyes fixed on the setting sun.
On their way back to the motel, Yoongi buys some snacks. They share it, spend some long hours discussing how life will be if they just don't go back. Stay like this. Forever. Jimin lets the alpha draw those pictures for him. Where they grow old together in those unknown towns.
“We can adopt a few cats,” Yoongi holds him during the night, both of them tired after a round of sex, skin glistening with sweat, the duvet up till their chests, “I can cook and clean. You can find a job.” Jimin arches a brow, “so I work my ass off, and you just enjoy, huh?”
Yoongi gives him his gummy smile, “have you seen your ass? It will never work off.” Jimin knees him in the shin, turning to face the wall. Most of those nights are spent bickering, telling each other off, and then cuddling to sleep. Then they go back to their hectic life.
It is November. Three years since they started dating. Jimin looks at the alpha while Yoongi drives the car. “Where are we going?” Jimin wonders, “Yoon! Tell me.” Yoongi looks tensed, “just sit, blossom.” Jimin sits, a little worried, “you are making me worry.”
Jimin watches them leave Seoul. The countryside greeting them as they drive. Yoongi stops the car after four hours of driving and Jimin steps out of the car to a house. In a town far away from Seoul. At the end of the town itself. “What?” Jimin watches the house.
Yoongi comes to hug him from behind, chin resting on Jimin's shoulder, “can you see yourself in this house? With me?” Yoongi whispers, “growing old together?” Jimin holds his breath, looking down to see the ring in the alpha's hand. “We can have our December wedding here.”
So they do. Jimin holds Yoongi's hand, ignores the cheers of their friends. The screams of the toddlers in Taehyung and Jungkook's arms. Namjoon and Jin right beside them. He keeps his eyes on his alpha as they walk down the aisle to Hoseok who grins at them.
“Do you accept each other as your mate?” Hoseok asks, knowing the answer already. Yoongi nods, “I do.” Jimin breathes out a teary smile, “yes, I do.” The house is filled with cheers then, just a few of their friends and families. Jimin lets Yoongi pull him in for a kiss.
Yoongi watches him, “is your love story worth it? Did that alpha keep his promise?” Jimin takes Yoongi's hands in his, pressing them against his flat stomach, “I will tell our pups about us and trust me,” his eyes water, “they will know it is a bestseller.”
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