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Nov 26, 2022
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#taekookau - A⃨t⃨a⃨r⃨a⃨x⃨i⃨a⃨ 🔞 Because it’s quite funny how the click of one button can alter your life until it’s barely recognisable. And it’s hilarious, really, how one person can make you question every single thing about yourself. Just ask Taehyung.

Or; A new app is launched where the main objective is to find your perfect match in the complicated yet wonderful world of BDSM. Jungkook, 27, an enigmatic CEO who had never shown his face and Taehyung, 25, a hopeless dreamer - happen to meet on said app.
Jungkook offers Taehyung formal training, and he takes it. The thing is just that lines blur and cross when you don’t pay attention to your feelings and at the end of the day there’s only one heart that will be shattered and broken. The question is, whose will it be?
Tags: ↣ Dom JK/Sub Tae ↣ Dom/Sub dynamic throughout. ↣ Age swap. ↣ Explicit sexual content. ↣ Kinks etc. to be tagged accordingly. ↣ Hurt/Comfort ↣ Angst (a lot) ↣ Protective/Possessive JK & sweetheart Tae. ↣ Socmed + written. ↣ Happy Ending.
A/n: I would like to preface this with yes, I have done research. Yes, it is based off KinkD. I’m a little medicated so please excuse mistakes and don’t pay attention to time stamps because it won’t make sense. Also, please interact 🥹 thank you.
Oh! Also! No minors! It will get nasty. Ok, I hope you like it. 💕
🚦 Characters 🚦 (Because this is fiction.) Kim Taehyung (25) ↣ Jimin’s personal assistant. ↣ A bit of a clumsy bean. ↣ More details will be revealed as the story progresses. ↣ His hair color will change a lot because he looks good in everything and I couldn’t decide.
Jeon Jungkook (27) ↣ He’s one of those doms with a ton of references. ↣ A CEO who refuses to show the media/ public his face because of his lifestyle. ↣ It’s impossible not to fall for him. ↣ I believe in the JK dom daddy agenda, Jin does too. ↣ Friends with Namjin.
Park Jimin (27) ↣ Owns a famous show where chefs compete for a special title called ‘Chef of chefs’ (famous ones) ↣ OBSESSED with Yoongi. (His husband) Min Yoongi & Jung Hoseok (30) ↣ Chaotic af. ↣ They’re both idols in a group called Arson where they rap sexily 😮‍💨.
Kim Namjoon & Kim Seokjin (31, 32) ↣ Married Namjin supremacy. ↣ Namjoon owns a software development company called JFG. ↣ Jin is a famous model who has his husband wrapped around his pinky finger. ↣ Part of the very few people who knows who Jungkook really is.
3. Tae is going through it 🥹
4. (Ramsay works as a chef on the show. )
7. Think about it.
8. Jimin knows Namjoon from being in the industry.
9. Speaking of the devil.
10. A little Namjinkook bonding time.
11. Throughout the week Jungkook is having a hard time :(( * Feel
12. Even his secretary is suffering.
13. Back to them.
14. Poor Jimin-ssi
15. Hot.
16. And when I tell you the first pic could be canon because of the car JK allegedly owns? Then what?
17. Poor man needs some release 😮‍💨
18. ??
20. The launch.
22. So much.
23. Taehyung’s profile.
24. Jungkook’s profile.
25. Welcome to KinkG.
26. Taehyung’s Experience ——>
27. :((
28. Jungkook’s experience ——>
29. Their experiences are very different 🤡
30. Jimin didn’t raise a quitter.
31. 💀
35. Wbk
36. So it begins.
44. Poor Namjoon 😅
53. Jimin is tired.
54. Ruh roh
56. 🥹
57. Oop?
61. 👀
A/n: ok I’m seeing triple right now so more tomorrow. This was more of an introduction but the story will mostly revolve around Taekook. Sideships etc. won’t play a big role. Bookmark above and please let me know what you think 🥰 it’s a bit of a mess, but it’s my mess.
♥︎ Hello! I’m starting updates. Please remember that this is a bdsm-centric fic, it’s fiction, I’m a dumbass, and no minors. Ok ly bye.
62. Idk what this is leave me alone it’s the next day whatever. 💕
66. Get it? He’s making his knees weak. Hahahelpme. (*the show? Not *a show.)
73. I still don’t know how to edit for shit leave me be.
74. Namjoon 😌
77. 👀
78. Same shit different app.
79. Pay attention to the icons at the bottom. And thank you to @jade 🌊 for helping me with this 💕
(I made a mistake I’m sorry please be patient)
- this is just a continuation of where we left off , no time has passed in the story. 💕
93. Remember, every time he completes a task, JK logs it for him. This is important for later **
95. Namjoon is just as confused as the rest of us.
96. Jin gets it.
98. Namjin supremacy.
99. They changed that up real quick.
100. Jungkook is me, I am Jungkook.
103. Boy is going through it.
104. Someone tell me what this Ah is because I don’t know.
106. Vmin 💕
108. Jimin is a scorned bitch.
114. :((
115. You better sit your ass down.
117. You are mf.
118. Mhm.
119. Day 1. - He said “I’m going to do this with or without you.”
120. Remember, JK is marking these - and you get points when a task is complete.
121. Day 2.
122. Day 3.
124. Day 4.
125. Day 5.
127. Day 6.
128. Day 7.
129. Maybe.
130. Day 8.
133. Wbk.
135. Slight NSFW 🔞
139. …
140. Jungkook is working too.
145. 🥱
A/n : hello, please interact thank youuuu
A/n: hi I’ll be updating now. 💕 gentle reminder that this is a bdsm-centric fic. Thank you so much for interacting with this, I promise to answer everyone after this update 💕 but if you interacted and your age isn’t in your bio I will have to block you, so please make sure.
CW// This update will include slight nsfw but nothing too extreme yet. (We’re getting there though 😮‍💨) Please ignore mistakes too, ya girl is trying lmao. ok, please enjoy, and remember that I adore you.
146. Alright we finally have the background check in the right hands.
147. 👀
148. This is a direct quote, believe it or not.
149. Mr. Park is endlessly tired of his employees.
150. Juwon and Jungkook.
151. Petty bitch.
154. Jimin hasn’t forgiven him 😃
161. 🔞
162. 🔞
163. 😌
166. “I’m not here to punish you.” The author calls bs for I can see the future.
167. 🔞
168. 🔞
169. 🔞
173. There should be a space, but then again there should also be world peace and yet here we are.
174. Truly.
175. 🙃
176. I had to get this out of my system.
181. JK is going through it and this mf is blackmailing a celebrity chef.
182. JK added a new habit.
183. Ruh roh.
A/n: it’s 3am 🥹💕 thank you for the love, it means the world and I can’t even explain how much it motivates me. Go drink a glass of water, be good, and I’ll see you soon. 💕
Hi!!!! Updates start here 💕💕💕 Thank you so much for all the messages and support, it makes my heart warm.
184. Taetae is living his best life.
185. Down boy.
188. 👀
189. It was just the universe giving him a zap, Irna. Calm down 🥹
192. 😬😬😬
193. 🥺
194. Fuck.
195. JK added more points for the paragraph.
196. 👁👁
197. I have too many memes I apologise.
199. I sense trouble coming.
200. Me too, Joon.
A/n: Guys I’ve been trying to update for at least the past two hours and this literally just went through 💀 I’ve clicked ‘retry’ so many times I’m sick. The next part is literally an audio video (JK calls Tae) and I just know it will take forever and it’s already 03:30am
— and I have work in… 5 hours. I promise I’ll continue later let me just figure out what’s going on with my twitter or connection first.
🤍 Hello! I’ll be updating now. Please remember that no Minors are allowed. - there’s a video and it’s my first time trying it so please be nice! It’s harder than it looks 🥲 hopefully I get better with practice.
203. (A continuation from the last SS)
204. CW:// 🔞🔞, FAKE subtitles, fake everything, wear headphones or earphones,I tried. (Lmao)
208. Taetae gets points for being good, JK gets points for being emotionally mature and Jin gets points for being Jin.
211. I love her.
214. The clown and the simp pt1.
215. I dreamt this happened.
217. Spas? Spa’s ? I think it’s spas… please ignore the mistake I’m illiterate.
221. Hmm
“I’ve never seen someone this sad while on their way to a massage.” Taehyung’s head snaps up, his chat with Jungkook still open on his phone. He blinks up at the man beaming down at him, thinks he looks a bit familiar in the most unfamiliar of ways. “Huh?”
“Your brows.” The man chuckles, fingers gentle as he smoothed at the crease between Taehyung’s brows, “they’re furrowed, and you’re pouting… why?” Taehyung smiles despite himself, cheeks glowing a pretty pink. “Do you make a habit out of touching strangers?” He asks playfully.
The man throws his head back in a laugh, and Taehyung can’t help but think he’s quite handsome… eerily so. “Only the pretty ones.” The man answers, taking a seat next to Taehyung on the wooden bench outside the sauna. Taehyung hides his grimace, the words not sitting right.
But the man seems nice enough, and he’s handsome… maybe he didn’t mean it in a bad way, right? “I’m Juwon, by the way.” He smiles, knocking his knee against Taehyung’s. And again, he can’t hide his blush.
“Kim Taehyung.” Their hands shake for a moment too long, Juwon’s eyes curious as he takes in every detail on the younger’s face. He smiles then, bright yet gentle, “You’re really beautiful Taehyung.”
“Thanks…” he doesn’t know what else to say, his cheeks practically on fire by now. “Do you come here often?” Juwon hums through his nod, sitting back with one arm resting behind Taehyung on the bench. “Yeah I do… It’s important to relax. You?”
Taehyung shakes his head, eyes traveling over the expensive furniture and professionally dressed staff. “No… I could never afford it on my own. A… friend? Yeah, a friend booked it for me.” Juwon’s eyes darken, but Taehyung is too busy thinking about Jungkook to notice.
He just can’t help it… The CEO is always on his mind from the first moment they started talking. He’s just so wonderful, so enigmatic, so… “What type of friend send you to a place like this alone?” Juwon suddenly asks, tone an octave lower. “It’s more fun to do it in pairs.”
Taehyung glances at him from the corner of his eye, smile ever present. “I guess, but he’s a busy man and I’m just… well I’m thankful.” “Guess that makes sense.” The elder smiles, inching closer. “Still, would you like to spend the day with me? I know all the goods spots -
- trust me.” Trust… something Kim Taehyung had always given too freely. Something he is yet to learn is precious and only meant for those who know your heart and its desires. “Sure.” He nods, smile bright. “Show me where they hide the good shit.”
Juwon cocks his head to the side, gaze quizzical. “The snacks.” Taehyung supplies happily, “I’m starving.” They both chuckle as Juwon grabs his hand, dragging him away from the larger hall. And once again Taehyung misses how Juwon smirks, the first stage of his plan complete.
They do end up spending the day together. They talk a lot, and laugh even more. Juwon is funny and charismatic, but also intelligent and intriguing. How can Taehyung not like the guy? Still, he checks his notifications every few minutes to see if Jungkook had said anything.
And it’s in the middle of his hot stone massage that Taehyung realises he should perhaps control himself. Jungkook had made it abundantly clear that there will be no feelings involved, so why is Taehyung clinging to his affection as if it means anything?
The assistant is more than aware that there must have been many subs before him - and that Jungkook probably treated them all exactly the same. He shouldn’t let his feelings wander, shouldn’t let his misguided thoughts get the best of him.
He’s absolutely sure he just admired and respects Jungkook, nothing more… but why does his name ring in Taehyung’s head like a continuous bell? Why does he wish Jungkook would walk through the doors any second and join him? Why is he being such a dolt?
“You’re sad again.” Juwon murmurs, words slurring the more his muscles relax. “Why?” Taehyung takes a deep breath, eyes wistful. “I’m trying something new with someone new, someone older and in my opinion more mature. I’m afraid of fucking it up -
- because I can’t keep my dick heart in my chest pants.” Juwon rolls over as he laughs, and Tae can’t help but laugh with him - even if it’s at his own misery. “Is he an ass?” Juwon asks after he calmed himself down. Taehyung quirks a brow “How do you know it’s a /he/?”
“Lucky guess… am I right?” “Yeah…” Taehyung nods, chin testing on his crossed arms. “It’s a big /he/. And no, he’s not an asshole… far from it, actually.” “Then he’s emotionally idiotic?” Juwon asks, turning on his side. Taehyung shakes his head again.
“No… he’s mature, sweet, funny, caring, hot, patient and kind… the full package really.” Juwon tsks, rolling his eyes. “No one is that perfect.” “He is.” Taehyung is quick to defend. “He’s literally everything… including unattainable.”
“Maybe you should move on then.” Juwon shrugs, “Maybe there’s someone out there better for you - someone who could give you everything and more.” Taehyung turns his head towards Juwon, smile faint “Thing is… I think he’s the only person who could.” “Nonsense.”
“It’s true!” Taehyung laughs, kicking his feet behind him. “I haven’t known him that long… but he makes me feel sane.” “It’s a shame.” Juwon grumbles, hopping off the massage bed. “I like them a little crazy.”
“I’m spoken for.” Taehyung smiles, but it quickly drops when he feels gentle fingers sliding up his leg. Juwon hums, drawing invisible patterns on the smooth skin. “I can speak louder.” “Juwon…” Taehyung breathes, glancing around the room. The staff left a while ago,
in an effort to give them some privacy to relax after the massage… it’s only them. And suddenly the beige walls don’t feel as relaxing, and the bed doesn’t feel as soft. Even the air feels less peaceful… and Taehyung doesn’t know what to do.
“You barely know him, like you said… why chase someone unavailable when I’m right here? I can give you everything you want Taehyung…” “I don’t know you either.” Taehyung whispers, tears starting to pool in his eyes as he stares forward, shocked.
“Well at least I’m here. I won’t leave like your father did… I won’t abandon you in your hardest times like your mother, I won’t put a timeframe on our relationship.” Juwon murmurs, voice suddenly unrecognisable. “You’re so fucking beautiful, I’ll give you the world.”
“How did you know about that?” Taehyung frowns, heart plummeting, “How did you know about my parents? No one knows…” “Like I said, Taehyung… I’m here.” Juwon answers, dismissive. “At least I’m here… let me make you happy. He could never.” He laughs then,
Taehyung realizing quickly that it’s personal. “He could never offer you fucking anything but pain and heartache. I’m here… at least I’m here. Where is he?” It’s almost comical how the door swings open in that very moment, the force of it so loud that both -
Taehyung and Juwon startle. “Touch him again and I kill you.” Taehyung sits up abruptly, the movement causing the tears that gathered on his lash line to finally fall. His frown deepens, breath stuttering as he whispers, “Jungkook?”
An// I’m seeing all the spelling mistakes and it’s making me panic lmao. Friendly reminder that I’m heavily medicated on prescribed meds which I take at night so I’m seeing triple. It’s like a superpower, just not cool. Be back soon xx
Let me just nap for like 2 hours. 😅 I’m proofreading the mext part but this bitch is blurry and it has to be perfect because it’s angsty. See you later xx
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