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Nov 27, 2022
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Kaisoo au Jongin lived in regret for letting go of the only person who used to love him the most. After 5 miserable years, he finally met Kyungsoo again.  Tw // Mention of minor character death, mention of mpreg

Part 2 of this sns au…


Kaisoo short sns au Kyungsoo and Jongin are housemates. Kyungsoo is in love with Jongin for a long time while Jongin just sees him as a brother.
It’s just another Friday evening for Jongin. He just clocks out from work and has nowhere to go. Some of his colleagues are excited to finally spend some quality time with their family while the others are eager to check out the newly open bar.
They ask him to join, but he just rejected them with the excuses of having some family matter. It is definitely a lie, but they don’t have to know. His family involved in an accident when he just 6 years old, leaving him alone in this whole cruel world.
His relatives refused to take care of him, and that’s the reason he was sent to the orphanage. Sometimes he still mad when thinking that his relatives abandon him when he knows nothing about the world, but living in the orphanage is probably the best memory of his life.
He meet that one person who cares for him the most, Kyungsoo Hyung. Kyungsoo Hyung is just one year older than him, but he always act like a big brother for Jongin. Jongin still remembered how lost he was when he first came to the orphanage.
The caregiver tried many ways to stop his crying but nothing worked. But his crying stopped when a small fair-skin boy came, offering a heart-shaped lollipop and his sweet smile. They became best friend since that day.
When Jongin turned 18, he moved out from the orphanage and stayed in the college dorm same with Kyungsoo. They are both lucky as they both get scholarship that can support them during university years.
When Kyungsoo graduated and Jongin was a final year student, Jongin moved out from the college dorm to move in with Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo was an excellent student, he managed to get a permanent job where he interned during his study.
They stayed together until Jongin made a foolish mistake that he still regret till this day. Thinking back about it, he’s still mad at himself. What was he thinking that time that he can hurt Kyungsoo like that?
Kyungsoo was the only person who cares for him the most, but Jongin hurted him with his words and action. He thinks it is his karma now, where he is still alone with no one by his side.
He never contacted Kyungsoo again after attending his marriage. He is probably still happy with Park Chanyeol now.
Jongin sighs loudly thinking about that petite man. He is currently driving around with his car in the small streets of the city, hoping to find something interesting to do. A small and cozy-looking library cafe catches his attention, thus he stops his car in front of the cafe.
Maybe killing some hours reading with some sweet treats can somehow mend his already bitter life. Jongin is greeted with a sweet smell once he enters the cafe. He can see that there are some customers there, not so many that can make him uncomfortable.
He quickly walks to the counter where he can see a young boy is there. “Hello good evening sir. If I’m not mistaken, this is your first time here, right? May I shortly explain how things work here?” the young boy says. Too cheerful for Jongin's liking. He just nods at the boy.
“So basically, you just have to buy at least a drink and a pastry and you’re free to read any of the books here. You can’t take out our books but you can borrow them if you have a membership card.”
“And you can get a free pastry of your choice when you first register for your membership.” Says another man from the kitchen who is adding pastries in the display.
When Jongin looks at the other man, he feels like his heart almost stops. There is the man he thinks about everyday, the man he misses the most. “Kyungsoo Hyung?” Jongin says with a shock.
“Hello Nini. It’s been a long time since we last saw each other.” Kyungsoo says with a smile on his face.  “I-I don’t know you work here?” Jongin says confusedly.
“This is my cafe, actually. You can order first, Nini. I have to go back to the kitchen. I will come to you later.” Kyungsoo says before exiting to the kitchen. Jongin completes his order for that day, and even register for the membership.
Once Jongin settles with the order, he takes whatever book that seems interesting to him and chooses the seat near the windows. Honestly, he doesn't even care about the book anymore, his eyes focusing on the cafe owner who is walking back and forth from the kitchen to the front.
There are many questions in Jongin's head. Did Kyungsoo quit his job as an architect? But that was his passion since he was 10 years old. He even landed a job with a huge company in Switzerland. Has something happened in the past 5 years?
Suddenly Jongin feels guilty for not knowing anything about the older man now. He is too focused on his own misery these past years. Jongin sighs.
What a bad person that he is. Jongin then starts reading the book that he is holding for the past 10 minutes to avoid more self-pity.
“I didn’t order any cookies.” Jongins says, confused when Kyungsoo suddenly comes to his table with a plate of cookies.
“It is my treat, Nini. Come on, taste it. It is your favorite peanut butter cookie.” Kyungsoo says with a smile, already sitting in front of Jongin. Jongin obeys the older one and grabs a cookie. He hums when the cookies melt in his mouth.
“Do you bake this yourself? It tastes really good!” Jongin says after finishing a cookie. “Yes, how do you even know?”
“It tastes similar to the one you used to bake for me. I always said that you make the best cookies, and I’m not gonna change my mind.” Jongin says while grabbing another one.
“I’m glad you still remember, Nini.” Kyungsoo says. Jongin doesn’t know if he is just overthinking but he can hear Kyungsoo’s sad voice when he says that. And Jongin knows it is because of him.
“I-I’m sorry, Hyung.” “For what?”
“For everything I’ve said and done to you. You’ve been nothing but loving, kind and care for me but the only thing I did was hurt you.
You have been there for me since my family left, you took care of me, chasing away all the bad things that I felt and replacing them with happiness but pain was the only thing I caused you.
You were there, ready to catch me when I fall down, wiping my tears when I can’t do that myself b-but I’m the one making you cry. For everything, I’m so sorry Hyung.” Jongins says. He does not even realize he already cried.
“I already forgave you for a long time, Nini. It is partially my fault too. I should have realized that you only see me as a brother. I should just stop trying but I didn’t.
I thought I could make you like me back but I didn’t realize that what I did only pushed you away from me. I’m sorry too, Nini.”
‘But now I realize I’m in love with you, Hyung. I’m sorry I realized it too late.’ Jongin just says that in his heart. Kyungsoo should not know that. He is someone else’s now.
“It’s okay Hyung. We both made mistakes. But, if it’s not too much, can we become just like before? You are the only person I thought of as family. I regret so much when I lost you.”
“Of course, Nini. I would love that.”  “Thank you, Hyung.” “Do you want to grab dinner together? I guess you are so focused on the book that you didn’t realize it’s already dinner time.”  Kyungsoo says with a smile.
Jongin quickly looks at his watch and sees that it’s already almost 9 p.m. It’s true that he doesn’t realize the time flies. “What about the cafe? Is it already closing time?”
“It’s okay. My staff can do the closing. There are not so many people right now.” “Okay if it’s like that. So, let’s go?”
They agree to just walk to a Korean BBQ restaurant  that is 2 blocks away from Kyungsoo’s cafe. They talk a lot during dinner, catching up on what they have missed from each other’s life during the past 5 years. It is mostly Jongin who does the talking.
Kyungsoo always prefers to listen, just like the Kyungsoo that Jongin used to know. But somehow, Jongin feels like Kyungsoo is hiding something from him.
Like he is hiding something big that has happened in his life. Jongin doesn't want to push Kyungsoo, so he just let it be, for now.
After the dinner, they decide to get some fresh air at the nearby park. Not gonna lie, walking together like that brings so many memories to both of them. They just walk in silence, totally enjoying each other’s company.
“So, how’s life with your husband? Are you happy now?” Jongin says after sitting down on one of the benches. Jongin has been dying to ask that question since dinner.
“I’m happy, Nini. But I have no husband now. Not in this world at least.” Kyungsoo says with a little smile.  “What do you mean?” Jongin asks with a shock.
“Chanyeol… He passed away 2 years ago. Because of lymphoma cancer.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know, Hyung. It must have been hard for you.”
“It’s okay, Nini. I kinda expected that. Although I must say I took a lot of time to get back up. Actually, Chanyeol was already diagnosed with cancer when we met. He was in Switzerland for his treatment when we first met.
We even met at the hospital. I went there because I broke my left hand and he was there for his treatment.” Kyungsoo smiles a bit, remembering the first time he met his husband.
“And then we met again. This time at a park. I was there because I was so stressed. Life was hard for me back then. With a little to no friend, stressed with a heavy workload, a new place that I felt like I can’t blend in.
But he was there, teaching me to look at the bright side of everything. He was the one with a lethal disease, but he enjoys his life more than me. And that’s why I fell in love with him. He was there to teach me how just simple things can make me happy. He was a sunshine.
When we got married, he was told that he only had 6 months to live. That’s why our marriage seemed rushed. He first opposed the idea of marriage, afraid he can’t make me happy with the short time that he had. But I convinced him.
I was so sure being with him was the thing that I wanted, and until now, I didn’t regret it a little bit. I quit my job to focus on him. Along with doing his treatment, we did a lot of things we wanted to do together.
He was a fighter. The 6 month prediction from the doctor turned out to be 3 years. The 3 meaningful years that we spent together as husbands was the best time in my life. I was there when he took his last breath, together with our son.”
“A son?” Jongin asks, shocked with the new information.
“Yes, I have a son, Nini. Park Hyunsoo is his name. He was just one year old when his daddy left. When Chanyeol left us, Hyunsoo became my source of strength. I was so glad Chanyeol got to see him, even for a short time.
It was hard when I was pregnant with Hyunsoo, but Chanyeol was there to take care of me. Even when his health was not so good at that time. He was the best person I’ve ever met. He still is.
When he left, I took a lot of time to build myself back. He was a big part of my life. I was in Switzerland for a year after he left. I visited the places we used to go, but I'm with Hyunsoo this time.
I came back to Korea just one year ago. With the help of my family-in-law, I opened the cafe just 3 months ago. I can’t say I fully accepted the fact that Chanyeol is not here with me anymore, but time will heal I guess.” Kyungsoo ends his story with a sad smile.
“You’ve been through a lot, Hyung. You are so strong. I don’t know what I would do if I were in your place. And I’m sorry for not being there for you, Hyung.”
“It’s okay, Nini. I learned that this is my fate, and I just have to accept it. But Hyunsoo is with me, my family-in-law still treat me as their family, so I’m okay now.” “Wow, I’m so amazed with you, Hyung.”
××× That night, Jongin couldn’t sleep. He keeps thinking about Kyungsoo.  “Should I pursue him now? This is like a second chance for me. God let me meet with him again, and he is single now.
But the way he talked highly about Chanyeol seems like he is still in love with him. Chanyeol was a great person. I’m nothing compared to him.” Jongin says to himself, thinking about what he should do next.
××× That Sunday morning, Jongin finds himself at Kyungsoo’s cafe again. Today, he will meet Kyungsoo’s son, Park Hyunsoo. Kyungsoo has invited him to join their little outing that day.
When he enters the cafe, he can see Kyungsoo at one of the tables, along with a small boy and a beautiful woman. The little boy who Jongin guess is Hyunsoo seems very comfortable with the woman.
‘Who is that woman? Is she Kyungsoo Hyung’s girlfriend?’ Jongin thought to himself. “Oh, Nini. You are here!” Kyungsoo says when Jongin stands near the table.
“Noona, this is Kim Jongin, my childhood friend. We met when I was in the orphanage. Nini, this is Park Yoora, my sister-in-law. Noona is just stopping by to meet Hyunsoo.” Jongin just nod a little and smiles at Yoora.
“Soo, I think I should go now. Don’t forget to visit mom with Hyunsoo. Bye baby, aunty will visit you again later. Be a good boy to your papa, okay?” Yoora says while giving a kiss to Hyunsoo.
“Okay. Bye bye aunty.” Hyunsoo says after kissing Yoora’s cheeks and waving with his small hand. “Come sit here first, Nini.” Kyungsoo says. Jongin just obeys and sits in front of the son and dad.
“Is he my daddy, papa?” Jongin almost chokes hearing the question from the little boy. “No baby. He is not your daddy. He is papa’s friend.” Kyungsoo says while eyeing Jongin.
“Hello little guy. I am your papa’s friend. You can call me Uncle Nini.” Jongin says with his friendliest tone, afraid he will scare the little boy. “Hello Uncle Nini, my name is Park Hyunsoo. I am 3 years old.” “Nice to meet you, Hyunsoo.”
“Uncle Nini, do you know my daddy? Papa says that my daddy is far away. I can only meet daddy if I’m a good boy.” Hyunsoo asks innocently.
“I’ve only met your daddy once, but I know he is a good person. And what your papa says is true. You should be a good boy so you can meet him.”
“Hmm, okay.” Hyunsoo says, a little sulky knowing that he can’t meet his daddy. “Come on, let’s go Hyunsoo. We want to do a lot of fun things today, right?” Kyungsoo says, sensing the dampen of his son’s mood.
“Yeah! Let’s go have fun!” Hyunsoo says, already jumping down from his chair. Kyungsoo just smiles seeing his baby’s antics. He looks at Jongin and the 3 of them leave the cafe together.
They go visit a deer farm that day. Actually Hyunsoo has been begging Kyungsoo to go to a deer farm since 2 weeks ago because he saw them on television. But only now, Kyungsoo gets free time to bring him.
When they arrive, they first purchase the food to feed the deer. At first, Kyungsoo thought that Hyunsoo would get afraid when he actually saw the deer. But Hyunsoo bravely goes near the deers to feed them. He giggles happily when the deers eats the food that he feeds.
‘Animal lover just like his daddy.’ Kyungsoo thought when seeing Hyunsoo just smiles and giggles happily around the deer.
Jongin also gets to be close with Hyunsoo. He helps carry Hyunsoo when the little boy wants to pat the deer’s back and helps the little boy to feed the deers.
He even mimics a rough voice, pretending to be the deers and thanks Hyunsoo for feeding them. Kyungsoo just smiles seeing the two boys before deciding to join them.
After the fun time at the deer farm, the 3 of them go to a supermarket to buy some groceries. Kyungsoo has invited Jongin to his apartment to have lunch together.
Jongin rejects at first, afraid he will intrude on the privacy of the little family. But Hyunsoo has become so clingy with Jongin, he keeps begging Jongin to come home with them to play some more.
Upon reaching their house, Hyunsoo excitedly asks Jongin to come to his room to play together with his toys. Jongin just complied with the boy and let Kyungsoo cook peacefully in the kitchen.
When it is lunch time, the 3 of them sit at the table with Hyunsoo beside Jongin and Kyungsoo in front of them. Hyunsoo can already eat on his own but this time, he asks Jongin to feed him.
He becomes cranky when Kyungsoo lightly scolds him to eat on his own. In the end, Jongin has no other choice than to obey the boy’s order.
After lunch, Hyunsoo becomes sleepy and has to get his afternoon nap. He asks Jongin to tuck him to bed and even makes Jongin promise to play together again soon. Jongin can only  breathe peacefully after the boy sleeps.
“Hyung, let me help you.” Jongin says to Kyungsoo who is washing the dishes. “It’s okay, Nini. You have done a lot for Hyunsoo today. I’m sorry if he troubles you. He has never been attached to someone else before.”
“It’s okay, Hyung. At first, I’m afraid he wouldn’t like me. But he is a really sweet boy. I’m glad we can get along.” “‘Get along’ is an understatement. I think he likes you more than me now.” Kyungsoo jokingly says.
“Eh, don’t say that, Hyung. You’re his papa. I'm sure he loves you the most. You have done a lot for him. I admire you, really.” “Thank you, Nini.” Kyungsoo says with a smile.
××× 3 months pass and Jongin becomes closer to Hyunsoo and Kyungsoo. It is now their weekly routine to spend time together every Sunday. They go to amusement parks, picnics, museums and many other places together as if they are a family.
Jongin is really sure now. He wants to be a part of that family. He can’t imagine his life without Kyungsoo and Hyunsoo now. But he is not really sure how the older one felt about him. Does he still love his husband? Is Kyungsoo ready to open his heart for another man now?
What if Kyungsoo is still hurt about his past actions that he will reject Jongin without giving him a chance? All those questions make Jongin a little bit hesitant to confess his heart to Kyungsoo.
××× It is another Sunday morning and Jongin finds himself in front of Kyungsoo’s apartment. They planned to go to a nearby beach but it was all canceled because Hyunsoo caught a flu and fever.
Jongin visits the family with some fruits, some pancakes for his and Kyungsoo’s breakfast, a chicken porridge from a nearby restaurant and some medicine for Hyunsoo. Kyungsoo has asked him to bring some food as he is not able to cook due to the clingy baby that he has.
After feeding Hyunsoo the porridge and medicine, Jongin and Kyungsoo have the pancakes for breakfast. “Thank you so much, Nini. I wouldn’t know what I will do without you.” Kyungsoo genuinely says to Jongin.
“It’s okay, Hyung. I’m so happy that you thought of me first when you needed some help.”  “Of course I thought of you first, Nini. You were always there whenever Hyunsoo or I needed some help.”
“Actually, Hyung. I have something to tell you.” “What is it, Nini? Just tell me.”
“I’m in love with you. After you left me, I realized how much I’m in love with you. I’m sorry I realized it too late. I regret what I’ve done to you. When I found out you were getting married, I was so heartbroken.
But I know that I was not the right one for you. I’ve hurt you so much. There was nothing else I’m praying for other than your happiness. I’ve never thought we will meet again in this situation, Hyung.
But if I didn’t grab this chance, I will regret it my whole life. So, I’m asking you, please give me a chance? A chance to make you and Hyunsoo happy.”
“N-nini? D-Do you really mean all this? Or is it because of pity seeing me as a single father?”
“I really mean it, Hyung. I want to be a part of you and Hyunsoo’s family. I want to be the reason both of you have smiles on your face.
I know, I will never get to replace Chanyeol. He was a great man. But, if you give me a chance, I will try my best to prove my worth to you.”
“J-Jongin, I don’t know what to say. And I can’t decide now. Can you please give me some time to think about it.”
“Take all the time that you want, Hyung. I will be waiting for you.” Jongin says with a smile. Taking some time is good enough for him. At least Kyungsoo is not fully rejecting him.
A ring on the door definitely startles the both of them.  “Are you expecting a guest, Hyung?”
“No one that I’m aware of. Wait, let me check the door.” Kyungsoo says while walking towards the door. Jongin on the other hand is packing his things up.
Maybe he should go, it will be kind of awkward staying there after confessing his feelings. Kyungsoo has another guest after all.
“Mom, I didn’t know you were coming. You should’ve told me first. I can cook something for you.” “Of course I will come when I know my baby is not feeling well. And I know how clingy Hyunsoo gets when he is sick. Just like Chanyeollie.”
“Oh, who is this young man, right here?” The older woman says when he realized Jongin’s standing awkwardly in the living room.
“Mom, I'll introduce him to you. This is Kim Jongin. He is my childhood friend. We knew each other since we were in the same orphanage. Jongin, this is my mom. Chanyeol’s mom I mean.”
“Hello, Mrs. Park. It is nice to meet you.” Jongin says with a smile, slightly bowing to the older woman. “Nice to meet you too, Jongin. What a handsome man you are.” Mrs. Park says with a smile.
“Thank you, Mrs. Park. Hyung, I think I should go now. I don’t want to interrupt your family time.” “Of course, you are not interrupting, dear. Don’t you want to have lunch here? I will cook for all of you.”
“Thank you for the nice invitation, Mrs. Park. But I have some other matters to attend to. I’ll go first. Bye Hyung, Mrs. Park.” Jongin says while slightly bowing to Mrs. Park before exiting from the front door.
××× “Kyungsoo, son, are you okay? You look distracted today.” Mrs. Park says. They are currently in the kitchen with Kyungsoo helping Mrs. Park cooking. “Nothing, mom. I’m just a little bit worried about Hyunsoo.” Kyungsoo says.
“You know you are not a good liar right, Kyungsoo? Are you thinking about that man? Jongin?”  “H-How do you know, mom?”  “Of course I know. I’m old enough to know about these things. Now, tell me. What’s bothering you?”
“Jongin…. He confessed to me. He asks me a chance to be a part of my and Hyunsoo’s life.” “So, what’s the matter? Do you like him too?”
“I honestly don’t know, mom. I’m comfortable with him. And I see that Hyunsoo is comfortable with him too. But, to be in a relationship again, I’m not sure.” “Is it because of Chanyeol? Is that the reason that is holding you back?”
“Maybe. I don’t know if I can be with someone else other than Chanyeol. I still remember him until today. And I want to remember him for the rest of my life.”
“No one is asking you to forget about him. And I’m sure, Jongin will not ask that from you too. Being with someone new doesn’t mean you forget him. It just means that you have fully accepted your fate and move forward in your life.
And I’m sure Chanyeol wants that for you too. For you to have someone you can rely on by your side, and Hyunsoo gets all the love he deserves. I’m so thankful for you, Kyungsoo.
You made my son happy in his last years of life. God took my son. But he gave you and Hyunsoo to me. I will always support your decision. No matter what happens, you are still my son.”
“Thank you so much, mom.” Kyungsoo says while hugging Mrs. Park.
××× That night, Kyungsoo couldn't sleep. It is almost 11 pm which is his usual bedtime but his eyes are wide open. Hyunsoo is already sleeping after taking his medicine after dinner.
Kyungsoo feels like having the urge to see Jongin right now, and feels like he can only sleep that night after seeing Jongin. Thus, he takes his phone and calls Jongin.
“Hello, Nini. Have you gone to sleep?” “Not yet, Hyung. I was just about to go to bed. Why hyung? Do you need anything?” “Yes. Uh.. I mean can I meet you now? At the park near my apartment?”
“Oh. Okay, Hyung. I will be right there in 20 minutes.” Jongin says and ends the call. Kyungsoo sighs after hearing the beep sound. Is he doing the right thing now? If his heart says this, it has to be the right thing, right?
“Chanyeollie, I hope I'm doing the right thing now. You’ll be happy for me, right?” Kyungsoo says while looking at Chanyeol’s picture on his side table.
After that, Kyungsoo quickly changes his clothes to a proper one. He doesn’t forget to knock on his neighbor’s door; Sehun and Baekhyun and asks them to look after Hyunsoo for a while.
He then walks to the park as it is only a 5 minutes walk from his apartment. He sits on one of the benches while waiting for Jongin.
“Hyung, have you waited for a long time? I’m sorry if I’m late.” “It’s okay, Nini. I’m sorry for asking to meet late at night.”
“Why do you suddenly want to meet me, Hyung? Is everything alright?” “Everything is alright, Nini. I just want to talk to you. About what you told me this morning.”
“Oh, about that.” Jongin’s heart sank a little bit. Why is Kyungsoo answering too fast for that question? Is he gonna be rejected right now?
“I’ve said that you could take all the time that you want, Hyung. There’s no need to rush. I will wait for you for how long it takes.” Jongin says when Kyungsoo is quiet for a bit.
“Just listen first, Nini. I.. I couldn’t have told you now that I love you or I’ve completely moved on from Chanyeol. But I like you too, Nini. I’m comfortable with you, and you make my heart warm.
You are so good to me and my son these past few months that I couldn’t help to like you back. I like that I can depend on you sometimes when I’m so tired carrying it all. You listen to all my worries, support me in whatever I do and tell me I’ve done a good job in life.
You accept a single father with a son like me, and I’m so grateful for it. I.. I’ll gladly give you a chance, Nini.”
“R-really, Hyung? Do you accept me? You are not pranking me, right?” “I’m not pranking you, Nini. I accept you in my and Hyunsoo’s life. But, let’s take it slow, alright?”
“Alright. Thank you, thank you so much, Hyung. Thank you for giving me this chance, I will not let it go to vain. Of course, we can follow your pace, I don’t mind. I love you, Kyungsoo Hyung.”
“Thank you, Nini. I.. can’t say that to you, yet. Give me some more time, okay?” “Of course, Hyung. You don’t have to say it back. I will wait until you are ready.” Jongin says with a smile.
“Thank you again, Nini.” “Can I… Can I hug you, Hyung?” “Of course, Nini.” Kyungsoo says while initiating a hug for both of them.
“Thank you for accepting me, Hyung. I promise to not make you cry again and care for Hyunsoo like he is my own son.” Jongin says while hugging Kyungsoo.
Happy tears are already on his cheeks. Happy that after all these years, he finally has Kyungsoo in his arms.
“Thank you too, Nini. Let’s forget what happened in the past and move forward together, okay?” Kyungsoo says softly to Jongin.
Who would know that he will be together with his first love after all these years? It is still like a miracle to Kyungsoo, but he believes that it is the best for him and his son. Hopefully, Jongin is the forever he’s looking for.


EXO-L OT9. Just for fun reading and writing acc 🤍
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