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Nov 30, 2022
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πŸ”ž #ZhongChi au where teary eyed heat struck fox childe unknowingly wanders into the cave of a mighty beast. he stumbles inside, only just managing to get past the entrance of the cave before he falls to the floor, slick running down his thighs and body shaking from exertion.

he crawls to the side of the cave, resting his cheek against the cool stone for a few moments before he sits against it, tugging his soaked shorts and panties off. Almost immediately, the sweet, heady scent of his slick starts to fill the cave, causing the dragon in its depths
to awaken - unbeknownst to Ajax, of course. It watches as the fox shakily spreads its cunt, strings of slick falling from it and pooling into the dirt below the him. The fox pushed two fingers in, bunching his shirt to his chest. Small, needy whines pouring from bitten lips.
The fox brought his knees up, feet planted into the ground, soft tail curled at his side. He furiously worked his fingers in and out of his sloppy hole, wet sounds filling the otherwise silent cave. The fox shook, back arching, eyes rolled to the back of his head.
The dragon watched from the shadows, completely entranced by the display infront of him. An offering. What else could the little fox be? Such a pretty, needy creature. In heat and preparing himself just for him.
Zhongli huffed, making the fox go still, fingers still buried in his pussy. "...hello?" came a timid voice. The fox's legs slowly started to close, knees touching, hand still in place. "Present yourself once more." The dragon command, finally coming out of the shadows.
Zhongli - the dragon - stalked forward, settling his body in Childe's view. The fox was frozen, eyes wide. Zhongli glared. "You dare disobey me, fox?" He growled, moving so that his head was directly infront of Childe, hot breath pouring onto the fox's knees.
The fox's ears flattened against his head, tail curling tighter against his body as he whimpered, letting his legs fall open. He pulled his fingers from his cunt, shaking slightly as he did so.
Yes, Zhongli thought, this fox was indeed an offering. Why else would he he appear in Zhongli’s abode at this time? Merely hours before the dragons rut would set in. He would savour this offering - he would make the fox his.


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