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Anna🖊️ fan account

Anna🖊️ fan account

Dec 1, 2022
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What do you know about love? Love is Namjoon writing us long letters in his moments of anxiousness and thankfulness, treating us like his personal diary. Love is Seokjin creating a song before enlisting to bid us a goodbye and yelling our name after recieving every award.

People say that know love. But they don't. Because love is Yoongi sharing with us his most intimate, personal and depressing thoughts to let us know we're not alone. Its Hoseok making bracelets for us just like all other members and reminding us we're a part of them.
They say love shines in gestures and now I see how it's true. I see it shine in Jimin's heartfelt thankful words everytime they win something, in those small videos he shares with us. I see it in those weverse replies Taehyung leaves because of just how much he misses us.
Love, they say, is difficult to express. But maybe that's not true. Because I feel it every song Jungkook writes about us. I feel it in every lyric and word he ever sang to us. I feel it, quite easily, everytime bangtan says how much we mean to them. They, for me, are love.
Yes, I was emotional. And yes. I made it my job to make everyone else feel this emotion too cause I don't wanna suffer alone.
Anna🖊️ fan account
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