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#zhongchi au where everyone expected Childe to be the shameless one in their relationship, only to be shocked when it was Zhongli who had little to no care for propriety and was absolutely unapologetic in showing his affections and claiming for his little mate,

And Childe who was apparently the blushing virgin of the pair, always trying to smack Zhongli's wandering hands (and oh did his hands wander, on the swell of his bottom, tracing his thigh harness, sneaking inside that little window on Childe's clothes to feel up his slim stomach-
"Zhongli, some decency, 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘒𝘴𝘦-") Everyone was suffering. They thought their suffering was bad when they had been obviously pining, then that dreadful period of when the two of them stopped talking and everyone was left to watch them be even more hopeless, but evidently
It was just the start of their pain as Zhongli had become possessively attached to Childe, always sticking close to him whenever he could, always glaring at anyone who sneaks a glance at the Snezhnayan (to this day, Child remains oblivious to the fact that Zhongli has been
Chasing away any suitor who dared try their luck, which started almost as soon as he stepped on Liyue), Childe remains unaware of how he unintentionally triggered Zhongli's baser instincts as a dragon protecting its hoard and treasure For Childe was truly his greatest treasure.
Good morning have some shamelessly sticky Zhongli and shy babygirl Childe Lowkey based on WangXian dynamics kajdkandka Watch me post some mdzs inspired angst the next few days-
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