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Dec 4, 2022
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💭 thinking about pouty o!jmi and his older jock bf, a!jk

tags: a/b/o, hyung jk (20), younger jmi (19), established relationship, fluff!! ♡♡
everyone at uni seems to think that jk is a big bad alpha who fucks a new omega every night. what they don't know is that he only has eyes for one omega: his sweet boyfriend jmi, who's still in high school.
-- jmi and jk have been dating ever since jk learned what a kiss was at age 12. and they've already made plans to move in together when jmi graduates. no one at uni knows that though, because they haven't bothered to ask.
since jk is the hottest new addition to the snu soccer team, rumors about him spread quickly, all the while he's blissfully unaware, spending most of his time at uni texting jmi or hanging out with his brother, nj.
he doesn't even like soccer that much anymore, but jmi loved to come to his high school games wearing his jersey and a holding a big homemade sign every time, and jk wanted to hold on to that, loved how his omega would support him so eagerly. so he signed up for the team at snu.
it keeps him sane, gives him a distraction from the ache in his chest whenever he thinks of his jmi. -- he was so accustomed to spending every day with the pretty omega, picking him up for school in the morning and usually staying out with him until dinner time.
he would drive over to the omega's house, use his spare key to get in, and gently wake up jmi with kisses. while jmi got dressed, usually spending at least 20 minutes picking a cute outfit, jk was downstairs, making his lunch, calling out "jmi-ah! time to go!" when he finished.
when jmi came rushing down the stairs, he always, without fail, asked his hyung if his outfit was pretty. he usually settled on a sweater and jeans, or if jk was lucky, a skirt. jk never had to think about his answer, but pretended to mull it over, loving to tease his cute baby.
"hmm i don't know..." he would joke, just to be cut off by jmi's cute fists hitting his chest, giggling at him to stop. "im just joking my love," he would whisper, picking up jmi for a hug, "you look stunning." this was how most of their days began.
jk would walk jmi to his class every morning, usually with jmi's best friend, tae, if he wasn't running late, and kiss him bye at the door. "study well," he teased, before making his way to his own class. at lunch, the three of them ate together, usually at the courtyard
or in jk's car. tae kindly pretended not to see their disgusting coupley behavior. after school jmi would go to his theater club, and jk usually had soccer practice. jmi finished earlier most days, and waited in the locker rooms for jk to finish his shower.
when jk came out of the showers, hair dripping and looking hotter than ever, he would always greet jmi with a peck on the lips, and ask him about his day, genuinely interested. sometimes jmi would rant about his teachers assigning wayy too much homework that week,
other times, he would be too flustered by his boyfriend's good looks to even say a word. jk caught on quickly these days, "what is it jmi-ah? is your boyfriend too handsome?" he would laugh. "shut up, you meanie!" jmi would fight back, pretending to not know
what jk was talking about. they often went to jmi's house to study in the evenings, jk staying for dinner more often than not, always complimenting jmi's mother's cooking like the good son-in-law she knew he would be one day.
they had sleepovers at least twice a week, lucky to be afforded the luxury by their parents, who also happened to be best friends.
this is all to say, neither was used to spending time away from the other. the longest they'd ever been apart was one week in tenth grade when jk's family had gone to visit relatives in america. it was the hardest week of his life. --
uni life was a whole different kind of hard. adjusting to his "new normal" of seeing jmi only in the afternoons and on weekends was almost impossible. his fingers twitched to hold jmi's hand, his mind couldn't stop wandering, thinking about how jmi would be feeling right now
whether he was lonely, was he eating well, had he remembered to pack his lunch today? jk had forgotten to remind him during their good morning call, and he hoped jmi's eomma or hyung remembered in his place. it was hard to stop worrying about his baby. hard to not text him about
every small detail, every little thing that reminded jk of him. but he knew he had to at least try to get used to it. this was going to be his life for a full year after all. and so he threw himself into the first few weeks of soccer practice, channeling his restlessness into it.
there was usually a small crowd at practice, some friends and partners of the players, others casual onlookers. many of them liked to gossip, and jk stood out as the new and mysterious brooding alpha.
in reality, he was usually just making a face of concern, mind always going back to jmi, but to them it appeared like he was a rough alpha. he was never seen with anyone but his brother, and the onlookers assumed that he didn't have an omega.
one of the omegas that regularly came to see practice started the rumor. she wished he would notice her cheers for him, and she was bitter when he didn't. so she told her friends she heard that he was a fuckboy and they readily believed her.
the rumor spread quickly, and jk developed something of a reputation, entirely unbeknownst to him. he was much more concerned with his boyfriend than keeping up with useless gossip. --
meanwhile, jmi was hardly faring better without his alpha. he whined to tae about missing jk to the point where he was sure it was insufferable, but tae knew how hard jmi was taking this change, and listened patiently.
when jmi skipped lunch period for the second time one week, tae asked him what was up. jmi told him that he sometimes forgot to bring his meals, because he didn’t remember that jk can’t make them for him anymore. from then on, tae made sure to bring an extra big portion,
just enough to share with his best friend in case he forgot again. jmi didn’t mean to be so reliant on him, but he didn’t know what else to do. most mornings he woke up feeling vaguely sad, the sound of his alarm ten times worse than the kisses he had grown used to.
he sulked and pouted until he heard his phone ring. he had set a special ringtone for his alpha so he would always know it was him calling. their morning calls were always quick to cheer him up, the sound of jk’s voice enough to put a smile on jmi’s face.
when they hung up, jk always said “i love you baby. study well today, okay?” and jmi would blush until his first lesson. -- the highlight of jmi’s day quickly became the afternoon. that’s when jk would let himself into jmi’s house, announcing himself to jmi’s family,
who treated him like a son. jmi was happy to get his daily fix of hugs and kisses, and made sure to fill jk in on anything he forgot to mention in their texts. he asked about jk’s day eagerly, wanting to make sure that his alpha was doing okay too.
jk answered honestly, that he spent the majority of his time thinking about the beautiful omega in his arms right now, and watched in silent awe as a blush spread high on jmi’s cheeks. he was definitely a goner. --
as the weeks passed, snu’s first soccer match approached rapidly. jk worked harder than he ever had on the sport, feeling the responsibility to take it seriously as the only first-year regular on the team.
jmi works hard on his slogan too, which reads “number 58 is the best!” and has glitter on its borders. he’s equal parts excited and nervous to attend the game. tae has promised to come with him, but he’s still nervous to be in a uni environment for the first time,
hoping none of the older students will say anything mean or give him looks. --
when the day comes, jmi changes into his alpha’s away jersey, the ritual feeling both familiar and brand new. he’s used to wearing the name jeon on his back, but the snu jerseys are much higher quality than the ones jk had worn in high school.
when tae picks him up, he tries to smile and calm his nerves. they get to the field early, hoping for a good place on the bleachers. jmi is surprised to see that there is already a small crowd waiting.
as the seats fill up and the cheerleaders come out, jmi takes out his slogan, shyly holding it in front of him, while tae cheers along with everyone else, trying to help jmi relax.
when the players come out onto the field, jmi breaks into a wide smile and light blush. his alpha looks so handsome. jk searches the bleachers for his omega, smiling brightly when he spots him and tae, and blows jmi a quick kiss. jmi’s blush intensifies.
one section over, the omega who had started the rumors about jk notices this. did jeon just blow someone a kiss? no, she must have imagined it.
as the game heats up, jmi’s cheering gets more confident and he starts to feel more comfortable, falling into his routine from high school. at the 86th minute, jk manages to score snu’s third and final goal of the game, almost certainly securing a victory over their opponents.
the crowd goes wild, and jmi is perhaps the most enthusiastic, a few tears streaming down his face from pride. just a few minutes later, when the referee calls the final score, jmi and tae quickly rush down the bleachers,
making their way to the barrier where some players are greeting their friends and family. jmi spots jk instantly and rushes over to him, his alpha searching through the crowds for him. his eyes light up when he spots jmi running over,
and pulls jmi into a kiss over the short barrier as soon as he’s close enough. it’s passionate, and full of love and relief. when jk pulls away, jmi smiles at him, cheeks flushed. “im so proud of you alpha,” he starts, “you were so cool,” he comments shyly, looking down.
jk lifts his chin to see jmi's face. "did your alpha play well, baby?" he remarks slyly. "he did, but if he doesn't stop teasing, he's not getting any tonight!” jmi threatens, but there’s a smile on his face. “alright, alright,” jk lifts his hands in surrender, “ill stop.”
“we have to go for a team meeting now, but ill shower quickly and come to you okay? did you pick where we’re going to dinner yet?” jk asks. jmi nods, “okay good, then ill come back soon, baby” jk answers. “wait for me.” he gives jmi a final brief kiss on the lips, and turns,
running back to the rest of the team, leaving a blushing jmi in his wake, tae laughing and rolling his eyes next to him. the omegas still on the bleachers had seen the whole interaction. they turn to each other in shock. --
after they finish their celebrations that night, jmi curls up next to jk on his couch, the alpha’s small apartment smelling strongly of the two of them. jmi is falling quickly asleep, and nuzzles his alpha’s neck lightly.
jk looks down at the love of his life, and thinks that this year might be manageable after all.
--end ♡
ahh my second little au! i hope it came out well 🥺 thank you so much if you've read all the way until here, i truly appreciate it. ♡
i would love to know your thoughts! please quote if you feel comfortable doing so! if not, this is my cc, open for any thoughts or requests!
i also have a pwp drabble that will be posted later this week, so please look forward to it! ♡ in the meantime, please have a lovely rest of your day/night! much luv ♡♡
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