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Kajol | 7.0k🧚‍♂️, 7.2k💋|

Dec 9, 2022
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A yoonmin au on how to handle a crush. - A guide by Jimin #yoonminau #yoonmin #슈짐

💌 I have a whole map stored with memes and I needed to share them, so here it is in the form of an au 💌 this is just for fun, only good vibes, crack and a lot of clownery 💌 time and dates are not important 💌 important is for you to like and qrt if you laugh or even smile 😎
💌 Jimin and his friends
💌 Yoongi and his friends
Going to sleep now see ya tomorrow xoxo Q: in which friend group do you think you would most likely be in in real life ?
💌 helloo g’morningg <3 time to start this, I am excited, but I have to say that updates will be random because I am like that😎 also because my brain needs to power up to give y’all funny content and that takes time 👽 Alright I will shut up now, enjoyy xoxox
1. Every day when I wake up it’s a battle between rational me and lazy me and I am not proud to say that lazy me wins more often that it should have
2. I was not long om dabloon tiktok, but I still managed to get 259 dabloons, a house and a guard dog
Is 10h really that much? (Asking for a friend🫡)
Hobi is a sunshine even in this au, but when it’s just the two of them he loves to tease jm and be sassy towards him
It’s cool when I am at home when it’s cold, but the moment I step foot out of the door and it’s freezing I WILL start to contemplate my whole existence (even if I do that on a regular basis already)
Starbucks prices are so ridiculous like bro are u putting gold in my latte or what??
Personally the minutes before giving a presentation are the worst for me, but when I start talking I am fine, but I WILL m/rder you if you ask me any questions after it
Lmao 🤣 (🫡)
9. I forgot to number the posts skksksksks
11. Tae knows whats up
12. And now it begins
13. I am running out of things to say here, my life is pretty boring
14. Hint the answer is no, oh wait that’s not a hint anymore
15. This is just an awkward situation
16. We are back to the gc
17. I haven’t watched banana fish myself but a friend of mine did and these are their exact same words 😭😭
So, what did we learn from day 1 children? 1. Cold weather is NOT pleasant 2. Starbucks is overpriced af (not new knowledge tho) 2. Presentations give anxiety and should therefore be banned 3. God has to stop giving us more character development 4. Don’t watch banana fish!!!
18. G’morninggg I am so happy to see people enjoy this mess hihi
19. Even if school would be fun, the desire to go home will always be stronger
20. May luck be on Jimin’s side
22. Also sorry for any typos or mistakes loll🤪
23. Hobi and Jin love jm very much, but they also really love to tease him
24. Even yg’s friends aren’t really helping him skskks
25. I am going to eat dinner real quick, then I will be back for more drama and gay panicking 🤩
26. The lovely duo are paired up together for an exercise
28. Jimin’s intrusive thoughts won here. also I don’t even know how to make this situation better without laughing awkwardly
29. Okay, so it turns out yg likes jimin being an awkward mess. I see this as a win
31. Nj’s disappointment is taking me out
32. For the people who don’t believe you can get turned on by intelligent people… Namjoon is the biggest example AND proof that it is in fact true
💌 heyyy before I can continue this, I want to know which direction y’all want to go. Do we want more fluff between ym or more horniness(little nsfw)? 🤔
33. I am not proud to say that in high school I actually said this (yes I was 13 or smth and no that doesn’t make it less embarrassing)
34. Jungkook has some issues and past trauma (he is just like me for real)
35. Jk is not good with emotions and Tae is always so patient and ready to help him. Jk doesn’t show it, but deep down he appreciates it
36. If we don’t acknowledge the emotions they do not exist 🤠🤠
37. Yoo sorry for not posting much, I became sick 🤒 (conveniently just before my exams because god loves me 😍) I can’t do anything except whining and drowning in self pity while hoping it will go away soon 🥲
38. I am so sorry I asked for y’all opinions to go for fluff or nsfw, but now I am taking a different course🤠I blame it on the fact that I am sick and therefore my brain isn’t working
39. They are going for it (that could never be me, partly because there is no jm or yg in my class 😔)
40. Jk is me when I have classes or whenever I am outside and not in the warmth and safety of my bed
42. Mission accomplished 😎
43. Also I now know how to sprinkle a little nsfw in the story 🤩
44. I am a big fan of flustered yg and flirty jm btw
45. Praying jn gets a good fuck soon
46. Study sessions are also not my thing. Actually, studying in general is not really my thing
47. Why did I thought this would ba short-10-posts-crack-au? How are we nearing the 50 posts? What’s happening my dudesss
48. Yg is in fact very easy to distract
49. I should be studying rn, but I am sick and I can’t do anything else other then making these silly posts about my fav gays
50. Btw that jm vlive is going to hold me in a chokehold for like, FOREVER
51. Yg’s turn
52. I am going to sleep and hope I don’t die bcs of a lack of oxygen as my body just decided to get a running nose and give me the feeling I can’t breath for the entire night and maybe longer 🤡 also *in a good way
53. Okay so I didn’t die in my sleep (obv), but I do feel like a zombie
54. Yg goes for help to the gc, (newsflash they are not very helpful)
55. I think jm meets jk’s requirement just fine
56. I am still sick 😭 and I can’t breath through my nose 😭 also jm’s post appeared on tae’s tl, because he follows jin(they are both models at the same company).
57. Some tweets of jiminiee
58. Okayyyyy I see you bold yoongi 👀👀👀
59. Blanco killed that di di diddy diddy bop 🔥🔥
60. Why is it taking me so long to make them kiss eo, KISS PLS
61. Virtual smooches are not enough for jm 😞
62. I agree with jm’s logic 😌
63. Jm is a step closer to getting his smooches
64. Is this realistic ? Debatable. YOLO🤪
65. Jm persuasive? Just say you are weak for jm using ‘🥺’ emoji yg and go
66. I am this meme btw
67. I am trying to wrap this up. Is this a mess? Yes. Do we enjoy this mess? Also yes. Did I warn y’all beforehand for my stupid brain? Big yes.
68. Are we ready to say goodbye to them? I am not 😿
69. I want someone to call me prettiest boyfie too 💪🏼😔💪🏼
70. Off to sleep 😴 we are almost at the end 🫡
71. Time skip to d-day 🤩🤩 (am I allowed to cry? I just find these two so adorable and I am sad bcs when is it my time for a little lovey doveyness?🫠)
72. God this post is making me crave for ym to post soon, it’s a desert out here 😔
73. The only appropriate response to that Jimin selca
74. I am almost completely sick-free🥳, only what’s left is the coughing 😔😔
75. Poor hobi skksksks
76. This picture is so cute😭😭😭 (this also made me miss Jin 1000000x more 🥲)
77. 🥹🥹
- am I going to be that dick to end it like this? Yes - reasons why we should end it now: 1. We reached 77 posts, that’s a holy number for us 🙌🏽 2. Okay I can’t come up with another, but that’s fine, reason nr.1 is strong enough to stand alone 💪🏽
- I lowkey think I ended it well, especially bcs this was a silly, all-over-the-place, crack au - now the question is did we enjoy🎤? (no is not an option, you can only qrt no, so I can see who is making me cry🤨🥲)
OKAY LAST ONE -the end-
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