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Dec 13, 2022
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—YUKI & YOBO— #yoonminau where—human-persocom relationship— Yobo (jm) with pink and fluffy hair was gifted to Yuki (yg). “This will be fun.” Yobo said with a sweet smile while Yuki was left confused as to why he had to take care of Yobo or will it be the other way around?

‼️TAGS‼️ ~ human-persocom relationship ~ fluff ~ socmed/written ~ dont mind the date/time stamps ~ might have typos/grammar errors ~ Persocoms are robots that hold human features. This is just pure fiction! Let’s just have fun here! ☺️
Characters: Yobo - Innocent, sweet and charming. (A Persocom) Age/Created 1yr ago. Gifted to Yuki by his scientist cousin Seokie and his partner Nam.
Yuki - A college student who goes to parties all the time and is not minding his studies though he never failed any of his classes. Could be overprotective of Yobo.
The besties! Tae-Tae - Another persocom that will be Yobo’s bestfriend. Jeon - Owner and Boyfriend of Tae-Tae. J/Hobi- Yuki’s Childhood best friend.
The creator and the scientist 🤓
—Let’s Start—
1) the gift
2) realization
3) help!
4) J to the rescue or not?
“I can talk. If that’s what you’re trying to figure out.” Yobo said and stood up to offer his hand to Hobi. “I’m Yobo. Nice to meet you.” He said. Hobi smiled and shook his hand.
Yuki grabbed Yobo’s hand and removed it from Hobi’s. “Okay stay here. Hobi and I will just talk outside.” Yuki said. “Okay Yuki!” Yobo said with a smile and went back from where he was sitting.
Yuki doesn’t know how to manage a persocom, he couldn’t even take care of his own shit. He said to Hobi who was just laughing at him. “Dude you can do it! You’re on your own now. Gotta bounce!” Hobi said and immediately left.
5) 🤡
When he returned Yobo did not move an inch. “You can take my room, I will have to clean the guest room for you tomorrow.” He said. “I can just stay here.” Yobo said. Yuki insisted so Yobo didn't have a choice but to follow him.
6) no more peace and quiet
A week had passed and Yuki had to bring Yobo to school since couldn’t trust him to be alone. Yobo didn’t have a hard time making friends since he can communicate and others like how he looks so he gets everyone’s attention.
7) new phone for Yobo
8) besties
9) the influence and the influencer
10) someone’s not happy
11) and it has begun
12) who will win?
13) chill
14) poppy eyes and pouty lips
Yuki grabbed Yobo’s hand when he met him in the hallway. Yobi just waved goodbye to Tae-Tae and their friends. “You don’t have to do everything that they are telling you to do!” Yuki said when he opened the door of his car.
Yobo was quiet and Yuki noticed it. “I’m not mad. I just don’t want anyone to take advantage of you.” He said. “Tae-Tae is like me. He knows more than what I know. He’s helping me.” Yobo said, looking down on his lap. “I know. I know that.” He said and just focused on the road
16) 1 point Yobo, Yuki zero
17) hide Yobo!
18) do not reply
19) headache
20) ohh ohh
21) whipped
22) 2 points Yobo, Yuki zero
23) so?
During lunch time Yuki asked Yobo to turn off his dms on his twitter. He already read some of the messages there too which made him block some of the users. “They are nice aren’t they?” Yobo said while patiently waiting for him to finish what he’s doing.
He just hummed and gave back his phone. “Tae-Tae no more social media. Just this one is enough.” He said. Tae-Tae just nodded and looked at Jeon next to him. “He reminds me of you baby.” He said to his boyfriend.
“I’m Jeon. I’m Tae-Tae’s boyfriend.” The guy said. Yuki shook his hand. “Boyfriend huh?” He said. “Yeah owner and boyfriend. Some Persocoms can develop their feelings too.” Jeon said. Yuki just nodded but he cannot deny he did find it interesting.
24) insight
Yobo may get confused with a lot of things but he knows how to take care of their basic needs. Yuki doesn’t need to worry about maintaining his place as Yobo usually does all the chores. He only fears that he might get used to having him around.
25) 🥺
26) party time!
27) Yobo 🥺
27) i can’t right now
28) beauties
29) NO NO
30) almost
“Dude do you really have to? They might be having fun there!” Hobi said. Yuki looked at him for a little while and went back to the road. “You know Yobo would do stuff that is new to him. I need to make sure he’s safe.”
“But Tae-Tae is with him and Jeon for sure.” “That's the point they might not see what Yobo is doing! Check him if he posted again. Tell him we’re almost there.” Yuki said.
31) cry
As soon as Yuki walked in there were really a lot of people that came after Tae-tae posted. He looked for Yobo but couldn’t find him so he went to the kitchen and saw him sitting on the countertop holding a bottle of water.
“Headache!” He asked. Yobo just nodded and grabbed his shirt and hugged him. “What took you so long?” He whines. “Well this is far from where I went to but I’m here now.” He said and tapped his back. He doesn’t know if he should hug him back.
“Carry me?” Yobo asked. Yuki turned around and carried him on his back.
32) carry me
34) with me?
35) hurry
36) irresistable?
37) he’s back
38) post all you want, 3 points Yobo!
39) you said all!
40) sweets for Yobo
41) yah or nah?
42) the sweetest
43) oh Yobo 🥹
44) get your shit together Yuki!
45) you’re coming with me
46) oh nooo
47) come back!
48) locked here 🤭
49) Jam will date Hobi 🤭
50) home for cuddles
51) Mine
52) Yuki!!!!
53) Seokie can fix everything
54) I know
55) only mine
56) Yours
57) do not disturb
58) kisses
59) Yours then 🤭
60) my muse
More hugs and kisses and load of ice cream for Yobo 🤭 🌙 The End.
I hope you like it! I wanted us to smile more during this difficult times. APO BANGPO! 💜 ILY! ~ jam 🌻
𝒿𝒶𝓂 🌻

𝒿𝒶𝓂 🌻

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