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Dec 14, 2022
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Balancer fork Holdr launch on @Aurora will be coming up today, 14th of December with a two-day Liquidity Bootstrapping Event A thread on why I'm excited about the launch Follow me! 🧵

First of all, let's take a trip to Aurora's Dex The major aim of @Aurora is to provide a solution for developers to operate their apps on an ethereum-compatible platform with low transaction costs for its users. But when markets crashed, Aurora's DEX market became.
dominated by a single uniswap V2 fork and users were forced to withdraw their tokens in order to save themselves from losses. Because of this there's less liquid assets and high slippage cost for traders. Making users lack the flexibility and capital efficiency to navigate.
the bear market. In other words, DEX landscape on Aurora is not sufficient. LPs and traders should have more flexibility and capital efficiency during the bear market to hedge the risks and be able to implement their strategies. Talking about Holdr, @Holdr is the next
generation AMM and Portfolio manager. It's built on proven Balancer V2 technology, which is well-known for its innovative fundamentals. So Compared to others AMM, Holdr brings Balancer’s tech on Aurora: Ultimate flexibility, Boosted capital efficiency, and innovative..
types of pools The launch will be a two-day Liquidity Bootstrapping Event. During the event, you can buy $HLDR token in the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP). An LBP is a type of pool built specifically for launching new tokens. It's..
...a programmable smart pool where the weights shift over a predefined period of time, creating constant downward pressure on the price of the new token. This new type of Liquidity pool allows for token creators to generate liquidity with only a small amount of initial capital..
..& it also allows for better distribution of their new asset. They pair a new crypto token with a more liquid asset so that the liquid asset will drive traders to that pool an consequently to the new token. Without further ado, here are the reasons why I'm excited about it.
1.Balancer Fork Holdr Launch on @Aurora will bring about ultimate flexibility The Balancer Fork Holdr Launch on Aurora is a big game changer. It's a unique way for developers and users to gain ultimate flexibility in their use of the Balancer protocol. It allows...
.users to customize their Balancer pool parameters, and to create their own Balancer forks. This ultimate flexibility allows users to quickly and easily customize and deploy their own Balancer pools, allowing them to take advantage of the protocol’s features and benefits.
2. Balancer Fork Holdr Launch on Auroraisnear will boost capital efficiency. Holdr protocol received $20,000 grant in AURORA tokens from the Aurora Foundation to launch and operate Balancer Friendly Fork on the Aurora chain. This launch will help the Aurora ecosystem to
to improve the current liquidity landscape and enable projects liquidity providers to lower the costs of providing and attracting liquidity, while traders can benefit from greater market depth. 3. Balancer Fork Holdr Launch on @Aurora will prevent impermanent loss..
The Balancer Fork Holdr Launch on @Aurora is designed to help prevent impermanent loss for traders. This launch combines features of both Balancer liquidity pools and the Fork Holdr platform. Balancer liquidity pools provide traders with a balanced portfolio of assets
and allow users to earn fees for providing liquidity to the pool 4.Holdr uses veHLDR, a yield and grant system based on Curve's veCRV mechanism. Which means you can use $HLDR to incentivize your project liquidity with $HLDR inflation, participate in governance, and earn in..
..the bribery market. 5. There is the Holdr NFT collection for early supporters! Each OG community member will get a unique NFT after the launch. 6. Of all the innovative pools (Weighted pools, stable pools, boosted pools) that Holdr brings Balancer's tech on Aurora, the one..
...really excites me the most is the "BOOSTED POOLS" and here's the reason 👇: Boosted Pools will bring the best of both worlds to Liquidity Providers and Swappers. Swappers get access to deep stablecoin liquidity with near-parity exchange rates while Liquidity Providers get...
...their liquidity positions sent to external protocols, such as Bastion. Boosted Pools enable LPs to provide liquidity for common tokens while forwarding idle tokens to external lending protocols, giving them more yields compared to ordinary stable pools.
It creates a deeper market for lending protocols by providing them with idle liquidity. To participate in this great launch follow these simple steps: ✓ Follow them on Twitter @Holdr & join their discord to stay informed updated
✓ Participate in the LBP event on Dec 14th to get $HLDR as early as possible: ✓ Get Early Supporter NFT by being active and engaging with them. And you're good to go 🤝
Holdr Liquidity Bootstrapping Event is live 🔥🔥 It will last 48 hours from 2:00 PM (UTC) 2022-12-14 to 2:00 PM (UTC) 2022-12-16.
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