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Dec 14, 2022
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#yoonmin #yoonminau drabble where Jimin is a shapeshifter who has had enough of Yoongi not giving him any attention throughout the day and decides to take matters into his own paws 》fluffiest fluff 》Jimin is a sassy cat shapeshifter

“What are you doing-“ Yoongi sputters as the fluffy calico swishes its tail all over his face, cat hair unpleasantly getting stuck in his mouth.
The cat spends a few moments whirling around, assessing the situation before settling comfortably on the man’s chest, effectively keeping Yoongi from scrolling through his phone. The cat purrs and affectionately butts its head right against the man’s cheek repeatedly.
“Jimin” The calico perks up and opens one eye before emitting a questioning sound and sending a judging glare Yoongi’s way. The man groans while wrapping an arm around the cat’s form. “Are you serious? I was answering an important email Jimin-ah.”
But the cat ignores him, choosing instead to start rubbing its head against the red haired man’s chin.
Content purring noises soon fill the bedroom and Yoongi can only sigh exasperatedly before dropping his hand on the cat’s head and lightly scratching the spot behind its ears, the spot where Jimin likes to be petted the most.
“You’re incredible, truly. If you wanted attention you could’ve told me you know? You have a human form, after all.” The cat stills at the man’s words and gets on its front paws as the hair on its back lifts, a menacing glint in its eyes. And Yoongi knows he’s fucked up.
“Kitten, you know this is important, I’m sorry but I had to work today.” Jimin gets on all four legs and elegantly jumps on the floor before twisting around to hiss at the man, clearly infuriated by his words. “What did I say now?” Yoongi mutters under his breath.
The cat squints its green eyes and heads out the bedroom, swiping its tail left and right. “Ahhhh, shit.” Yoongi swiftly follows the shapeshifter, throwing his cellphone one last glance before deciding it’s just not worth his lover’s wrath.
He finds the feline curled up in a sad ball, on the couch, its head hidden behind tiny paws. “Jiminie..” Yoongi starts, squatting down to soothingly stroke the cat’s head. “I’m sorry, I know you prefer your natural form on days like these, I shouldn’t have said that.”
The fluffy animal lifts its head, a sulky look in its eyes and Yoongi can imagine exactly how Jimin would look at him if he were in human form. Can almost see the little adorable pout that would accompany frayed dark brown eyes.
“And I guess I could’ve given you a little more attention today..” He whispers as he pecks the calico’s pink nose. There’s a tiny squeal, and then Jimin erupts in a legato of loud purrs, warming Yoongi up from the inside out.
He caresses the soft hair on the felines back before swooping it up in his arms and sitting down on the couch.
He picks up the remote controller and puts on a random movie as the calico cat rubs up against him in absolute content, finally getting the attention it’s been wanting all day long.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” Yoongi asks as he drapes a woolen blanket over the both of them. Jimin looks straight in the man’s eyes and mewls loudly, letting Yoongi know that it /indeed/ wants to cuddle and watch a movie.
It is, after all, Jimin’s favorite thing to do on a sunday night, human form or not. So Yoongi lays back down and draws the calico closer, so it lays right in the crook of his neck. He leaves a few adoring pecks against the soft fur as the cat rubs all over his chest.
Yoongi nuzzles against the cat’s nose before turning up the volume and adjusting the blanket, they soon begin watching the movie intently, cuddling up with each other.
After a while Yoongi looks down to the fluffy ball of hair resting on his chest, realizing that the cat’s eyes are closed and that the calico snores quietly, unbothered by the sound of the movie. He snorts and caresses the shapeshifter’s head affectionately, “Spoiled baby..”
i made another drabble about this cute couple right here💕 ⬇️


#yoonmin #yoonminau where Yoongi is waken up in the morning by his calico shapeshifter lover, Jimin, who’s aching for cuddles. or, a morning in the domestic household of yoonmin.


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