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Dec 14, 2022
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Gojo could have anything he wants and in facts basically gets whatever he wants, no matter the price tag. He pays a visit to the fushiguro household like usual, even though it’s his birthday, thinking about it he much rather spend it with the kids than his stuffy, uptight family.

But he doesn’t plan on bringing it up to the kids and fully expects it to just be any other normal night. So far everything is same as usual, he comes in with some food he picked up on the way, tsumiki sets the table with a few simple sides and rice she prepared before gojo
arrived, and little megumi is placing bowls and utensils down. Dinner proceeds as usual until megumi shyly pushes a small gift box in front of gojo’s now empty bowl. Gojo looks at it with confusion. Though he gives them ample money for groceries and necessities, he knows the
kids never spend the money on anything else. “Oh! Gojo-san I also have something!” Tsumiki bolts out of the room for a quick second, running back with glee with a piece of paper in her hands. She places the drawing gently besides the gift box.
“Happy birthday!” The two say in unison. Gojo is shocked, quick to tell them they didn’t need to get him anything. But he opens the box and sees a handmade charm bracelet with Gojo-san spelled out in beads. “Tsumiki helped me and let me borrow her kit…” megumi explains shyly.
And precious tsumiki drew the three of them together, the tallest one being gojo with a birthday hat holding a giant cake celebrating together. It’s the most fkn precious thing he’s ever received and no words can express the joy he’s feeling, but he tries his absolute hardest
so that the kids know how much he loves it. He instantly takes a picture of the drawing and makes it his phone screen so he can have it on him all the time (he’ll frame the original and hang it somewhere), and rolls the bracelet onto his wrist and shows it off.
The next day at class, everyone is surprised to see the usually stylist gojo flaunt a childish, colorful bracelet on his wrist instead of a brand name watch. But to him, nothing in the word could replace the two gifts the fushiguros made for him and wishing him a happy birthday
Happy belated bday gojo!! Lots of love 💎


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